ESDoll Uncovers The Unsatisfying Sex Lives Of Couples With Buying Sex Doll

  Top online adult sex shop platform explores the pervasive discontent in couples’ sex lives. In response to a recent Decoding Desire survey of nearly 2,000 respondents, ESDoll found that 70% of men and women were not satisfied with the current state of their sex lives, with the survey revealing a variety of factors contributing to this widespread dissatisfaction, including a lack of communication between partners, insufficient knowledge about sexual health and pleasure, and prevailing myths and misconceptions surrounding sexuality. The Sin of Silence  – 95% of survey respondents expressed a lack of communication – not voicing desires, needs and boundaries The Sin of Wanting More  – Most people wish they had more sex, yet survey data revealed that more sex doesn’t equal a happy sex life; with 1 in 5 long-term couples suffering from a libido mismatch, ESDoll emphasizes focusing on quality over quantity The Sin of Routine  – 60% of participants said they yearned to try somethi

The Head And Curvy Body Design Of Real Life Looking Sex Dolls

Materials and Techniques in the Production of Sex Dolls Real life looking sex dolls , resembling real humans, represent an innovative product that merges technology and art. Their production materials and techniques are carefully crafted to ensure their lifelike appearance and touch. Firstly, the production materials for newest sex dolls typically involve high-quality silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials possess a softness and elasticity akin to human skin, providing a realistic touch. Moreover, they boast wear resistance and anti-aging properties, ensuring the dolls' longevity. Secondly, the production techniques for curvy sex dolls are highly complex. Initially, artisans meticulously measure dimensions and proportions of various body parts based on design blueprints. Subsequently, they employ professional mold-making techniques to inject silicone or TPE into molds, forming different parts of the doll such as the sex doll head, body, and limbs.  During the

What Are The Effects Of Long-Term Storage Of Female Sex Dolls?

With the increasing prevalence of female sex dolls for men in people's lives, how to store these dolls for the long term has become a focus of attention. Long-term storage not only concerns the lifespan of the dolls but also directly affects their appearance and tactile sensation, making maintenance and care sex doll particularly important. Firstly, the choice of storage environment is crucial. Lifesize sex dolls should be stored in dry, well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight. Environments that are excessively humid or hot may cause the materials of the dolls to deform, mold, or discolor, while direct exposure to sunlight may lead to material aging. Secondly, regular cleaning and maintenance are also necessary. The exterior and internal structure of AI sex dolls need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. For hard-to-clean areas, specialized sex doll cleaners can be used, ensuring that the surface materials of the dolls are not

The Ever-Popular Celebrity Sex Doll Triss: Still a Bestseller

 Celebrity Sex Doll Triss's Explosive History In the gaming world, there's a female character who once took the world by storm and remains one of the hottest-selling sex dolls today - Triss. Triss is the female lead in "The Witcher 3," winning the hearts of countless players with her unique appearance and compelling story. With green hair, glasses adorning her face, and dressed in a sleek black dress, she exudes a mysterious yet irresistible charm. Triss's story is equally moving. She's a girl with powerful magic, hunted by evil forces. After meeting the protagonist, Geralt, she joins the resistance and fights alongside them against the dark powers. Her strength and bravery are awe-inspiring. Not only has Triss received widespread acclaim in the game, but her character has also left a lasting impression. Many fans cosplay as celebrity sex dolls : Triss, showcasing their love and admiration for her. Her image has inspired numerous illustrators and artists, who

Dressing Up European Sex Dolls Can Bring What Kind Of Fun

 In our lives, European sex dolls have become increasingly common, attracting people with their unique charm whether as toys, decorations, or artworks. And how to dress these dolls has become a fun and creative activity. - 55% HOT Add to cart Hot Adult Sex Doll 140cm (4ft7) D-cup Busty – URSA Dolls are artificial, human-like sex dolls , usually made of plastic, rubber, or other soft materials. They come in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different ages and preferences. Their appearance and texture can mimic real humans, making dressing them up a fun hobby. Dressing up European sex dolls is actually a form of creative expression. You can choose appropriate clothing, hairstyles, and makeup for the dolls based on your imagination and preferences. You can dress them in various styles, from classical to modern, from simple to extravagant, and even imitate celebrities or historical figures. This process not only satisfies your aesthetic needs but also stimulates your creativi

Interesting Facts about Japanese Sex Dolls You Didn't Know

 Realistic Japanese sex dolls are realistic models designed to mimic Asian faces, typically made from materials such as silicone or TPE. Here are some intriguing facts about Japanese sex dolls: The history of Japanese sex dolls can be traced back to the early 20th century when they were primarily used for medical and educational purposes to help doctors and students understand human anatomy. - 66% HOT Add to cart Full Size Silicone Sex Doll – Big Boobs 158cm Doreen The production process of Japanese sex dolls involves multiple steps, including mold making, injection molding, coloring, and wig implantation. Wig implantation, in particular, is a meticulous task that requires individually placing each strand of hair into the doll's scalp. The price of Japanese sex dolls varies due to factors such as materials, craftsmanship, and quality. Some high-end Japanese sex dolls can rival real humans in terms of appearance, with prices reaching tens of thousands of dollars. - 69% Add to cart

If It Need To Choose Top Configurations When Purchasing Sex Dolls For The First Time?

 When beginners are making their first purchase of European and American sex dolls, it is not necessary to opt for top-tier configurations. However, choosing a sex doll with good quality and a reasonable price can ensure a better overall experience. Here are some suggestions to help you make a better choice: 1. Determine your sex doll budget: Before buying a sex doll , establish your budget range. This will help you find a sex doll that fits within your budget. 2. Understand sex doll brands and models: Familiarize yourself with different brands and models of sex dolls on the market. Check their reviews and reputation. Opt for a well-known brand and model to ensure better quality and after-sales service. 3. Consider size and weight: The size and weight of the sex doll are crucial for the user experience. Choose dimensions and weight that suit your needs to ensure ease of operation and mobility. 4. Pay attention to materials: The material of the sex doll is essential for its quality an