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Artist’s Love Doll – Solitude Is The Soul Of Art

Artists become highly influential people in their unique way. They are real, and their extreme attention to the small details of things will fascinate even those who do not understand art. They may not be good at words, but they are good at photo imaging. Some people say that artists only use images to explain a phenomenon, and the results are often more convincing than words. June Korea, a young photographer from South Korea, has started his photography career with Eva, his love doll (Eva) in 2001, using “her” photos to show his inner world and ideas. The emotional connection with Eva Eva’s name was chosen by FedEx. The name is not just as simple as it seems on the surface, it means “forever”, to express his hope that the doll will live forever. He once said that even if he died in old age, Eva will still live, because its beauty will be hidden in the love doll. If we don’t understand, we would think that June hopes Eva is a real person who can experience a rough life with him. Eva is