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ESDOLL teaches you how to pick a solid sex doll

We don’t know if you have such an experience, spent thousands of dollars, and looked forward to waiting for the peerless beauty sex doll on the business picture. The result is a balloon? Or spent thousands of dollars, but waited for a sex doll that is too big and does not match the real thing? In fact, in the end, it is because you are not familiar with the product and the industry, the following ESDOLL will teach you how to choose! First of all, from the type selection, there are probably three types of doll: inflatable dolls, solid sex dolls and intelligent solid sex dolls on the market. Let’s talk about the concept first. The solid sex doll and the inflatable doll are related. The popular inflatable doll face is very wonderful. The psychological needs of hunting are more obvious, but in Asia, people with color control begin to optimize the face of the inflatable doll. So, the inflatable doll that looks like a weird face is born, and the price is still cheap. However, in