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Elon Musk Wants To Provide Sex Dolls For Astronauts On Mars Missions

  A leading supplier of sex dolls provided SpaceX founder   Elon Musk   with some of the best products for space missions, causing a sensation. Amit, the co-founder of the sex doll company “Elves” (SDG), believes that it is important to make astronauts feel “accompanied”. To this end, he gave the solution is for astronauts to take some flagship  hot sex dolls  into space to fight against the invasion of loneliness. He said: “The purpose of sending sex dolls into space is not for sex-most of our customers use sex dolls to feel the sense of company.” In this regard, Musk said with emotion: “What else is lonelier than in space or on Mars? As an aerospace engineer, I fully understand space travel-this is something I love, a lot of my life Time dedicated to this.” “This is not to belittle the profession of astronauts or space exploration. The technology of sex dolls is very complicated. Our production team can  customize sex dolls  to provide a sense of companionship and avoid loneliness fo