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Bachelor’s voice: I want to fall in love with sex dolls.

In China, there are more 30 million males than females. What kind of concept is this? After the age of the unbalanced sex enters the age of marriage, the “extra man” will find it difficult to find a marriage partner, and will become a bachelor who cannot marry a wife. On the development of Chinese sex dolls, bachelor has such a heartfelt heart: If we can’t find a girl to marry again, we really fall in love with a  s e x doll  companion. From the appearance, sex dolls are realistic enough to give people a real and beautiful feeling. Then in the heart of the bachelor, there will always be such a heartfelt voice: If we can’t find a woman to marry, we will first fall in love with a real-life sex doll. In real life, some middle-aged men choose to live with lifeless sex dolls. They regard “they” as silent lovers. For them, it’s not just simple sex for them, in their minds, dolls It can also be a very pure companion doll. It’s no wonder that many people nowadays look at sex dolls very w