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A Beijing Game Anchor Raises A Love Doll As A Daughter

  Bai Xue (screen name) is a post-90s internet celebrity in Beijing and a game anchor at the same time. He has nearly 1 million fans on the TikTok platform, and is considered a “public figure.” Unlike the kind and sweet image on the Internet, she is somewhat silent and even withdrawn in real life. She often said: “Beijing is a city chasing dreams, and it is also a city of broken dreams. Sometimes, I feel that as long as I stop and search for myself, I will be dead.” In this bizarre city, love and hate are performed every day. In the story of the parting, the only thing that remains unchanged is the loneliness of the people in the city. In order to cope with this loneliness, Bai Xue bought a sex doll online. When she was very young, Bai Xue had dreamed that when she opened the door of her house, there would be dolls the same size as her sitting around the dining table, watching TV with her. This dream was once the dream of many children, and it has been followed for a long time. Until o

Analyze The Inner World Of Love Dolls And Men Living Alone

  “I think the most ideal life is for my silicone love dolls to become real people so that they don’t have to be love dolls anymore.” Evra, a middle-aged man who lives in a small town in southwest England, looks no different from others. But when he stepped into the house, it was not his family who greeted him, but a room of silicone love dolls like everyone else. In the documentary “Ru Gum Like a Wife”, Dutch documentary director Sophie Doros aimed the camera at Evra, who fell in love with silicone love dolls and recorded the life of a man who lived alone for many years. mood. “When I first heard of a man living with his  silicone love doll , I thought it was too weird, he must be crazy!” said Sophie Doros, a Dutch documentary filmmaker who has been following gender issues for a long time. When he first came into contact with Evra many years ago, he had already become the focus of the media’s curiosity report because of the silicone doll. He also appeared in another documentary “Man a

Interview ESDOLL Doll Factory To Know The Sex Doll Industry

The Roman poet Ovid has a famous story. A sculptor named Pygmalion sculpted a statue with ivory. The statue is very beautiful. He fell in love with it madly. He prayed to Aphrodite, the god of love, to give life to his creation. Eros listened to his prayer, and turned the ivory statue into a man of flesh and blood. This is an old story, and there are similar stories all over the world. In an inconspicuous three-story building, the turning point of this story appeared time and time again, in the sample room of ESDOLL sex dolls. These dolls are not Pygmalion ivory, but are made of silicone or TPE, some of which sell for nearly $2,000. Although the company’s carvers have a special liking for their works, it is their customers who really like these dolls. Some customers even rented independent apartments to place them, take them out on dates, and build intimate relationships with dolls, rather than just using them as tools. ESDOLL has an irreplaceable position in the  sex doll industry , s

A Sex Robot With Simulate Companionship Function Are Improving

  Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common in today’s society. It is unexpected that this new technology is also involved in the field of adult toys. The previously unknown sex doll has now been developed into a “sex robot”. In addition to satisfying needs, the most important thing is to join Complex personality, even communicating with people, and one of the units of the Netflix program “Global Direct” tells that sex robots have jumped out of their original purpose, but instead provide a safe haven for lonely hearts.   The biggest difference between sex robots and traditional Silicone or  TPE sex dolls  is whether the user can communicate with the “partner”. One of the episodes of Netflix’s “Global Direct”, “Sex Couple Robot”, tells that with the current artificial intelligence technology, robots can make various facial expressions, happy, excited, and depressed, plus they can blink their eyes and head. Can move, looks more and more human, the most important thing is t

Sex Doll Becomes The Heroine Of The Science Fiction Film “Avatar”

It’s really hard to tell about taste! Many people place their fantasies on sex dolls. The products are more realistic and fully functional. When the “soul mate” can be customized, you can play science fiction! Foreign media reported that some doll manufacturers said that customers’ demand for sex dolls in sci-fi movie styles has increased, and their new products have also referenced many classic works, such as the heroine Nitely in the movie “Avatar”, and even “Universe Wei In “Dragon”, there is a Martian woman with 3 chests, and unique elements are incorporated into the sex doll to meet the needs of many curious people. Once the most popular movie in movie history, “Avatar” broke many people’s imaginations when it was released in 2009. The tall blue alien creature is still fresh in the memory. The sequel of the movie has also been shot in real life and is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2022. , Fans are looking forward to it. Many sex doll manufacturers fancy the movie and hav

Take The Sex Doll To The Cinema For A Date And Bought Her A Ticket

It’s not surprising that a boy and her girlfriend go to the cinema to watch blockbuster movies during a date, but when your significant other is a lifelike sex doll, things get a little weird. This is exactly what a man in Chinese did! Earlier, he took an extremely  realistic sex doll  to watch new movies and even bought tickets for his “girlfriend.” The weird couple was photographed outside the Wanda Cinema in the eastern Chinese city of Fuzhou. After being filmed by netizens present, the pictures of them going shopping and watching movies went viral on social media. Many people commented under the photo, and there is no lack of hype, but more people are guessing the nature of the relationship between the two. Some netizens wrote: “This young man is afraid that others will take his girlfriend, so he buys two tickets. This is true love.” Some people pointed out that buying tickets only paid for the admission fee, and there was no problem. One netizen wrote: “Why don’t you give this  lo

Documentary The Adult Products Business: Me And The Sex Doll

  Channel 5 of British TV broadcasted a documentary titled “Business of Adult Products: Me and Sex Dolls”. The lens focused on a woman named Jed Stanley, as the mother of four children. China and Israel described her extraordinary business philosophy from the first point of view. Before setting foot in this industry, Jade ran a beauty agency. After reading a report about a  sex doll experience hall  inadvertently, she became very interested in this particular industry. In the following year, a sex doll company she ran was booming, importing professional  sex dolls from China , doing sales on the one hand, and renting on the other. However, it has not always been smooth. The products of the rental business require a lot of maintenance and maintenance of sex dolls, which consumes a lot of time and money, but the profits are extremely meager. Jade said: “This is a very complicated matter. These  rental sex dolls  are generally not sent back intact.” In order to ensure the entire cleaning

Life Photography Related To The Sex Doll And Owner

  Photographers often find interesting shooting topics through online forums. Some anime enthusiasts like all kinds of cosplays, can see many different types of costumes, and watch various online two-dimensional exhibitions; some pet lovers like to take photos of various novel animals and will visit places such as Post Bar, but for Copenhagen According to photojournalist Benita Marcusen, the intricate online forums helped her convince a group of men with the same passion: men who own and collect sex dolls. These people became the subject of her photography:   sex dolls for men . This idea originated from the documentary “Men and Dolls” she saw a few years ago. “These people show concern for sex dolls and respect them as their relatives or friends,” Benita wrote in a statement to relevant media. “They like them, like individuals with more presence and personality.” It is a subculture that has not received widespread attention and records so far. From an outsider’s point of view, it is u

“Romantic Doll” Uncovers The Secret Scars Of “Sex And Love”

Since Yuki Tanada won many awards at the PIA Film Festival in Japan for her debut “Moru” in 2001, she has served as an actress, screenwriter, novelist and director in multiple roles. Moreover, although her films may examine issues such as class, sex, and death in a face-to-face and in-depth perspective, they also bring laughter with a dry sense of humor. In 2020, at the Wald 9 theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, her latest movie “Romantic Doll” held a preview. Many of her films including “Million Yuan and the Bitter Worm Girl” (2008) and “The Journey of the Heart” (2015) were nominated or praised at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. Among them, “Romantic Doll” participated in the 2020 Far East Film Festival. This is a comedy film directed by Yuki Tanada. It is about a  sex doll  designer with great craftsmanship, Tetsuo (Issey Takahashi) and his “private The love story of “Model” Yuanko (played by Yu Aoi), they fall in love and get married, but they conceal each other, each ha