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Experts Are Debating The Pros And Cons Of The Sex Robot

  The sex robot is here, which is not a gimmick in science fiction. Although the artificial intelligence sex robots in movies such as “Machine Ji” and “Artificial Intelligence” have not yet appeared, it is only a matter of time. Most  sex robots  nowadays are just  sex dolls with mechanical functions . The editor once mentioned “Samantha”, it was designed not only about emotions, it can also talk about science and philosophy, and even tell jokes. If you treat it badly, or if it doesn’t like your behavior, it will enter sleep mode. At present, their average price has reached 10,000 US dollars. The question here is not whether they will appear or how they will progress. The question here involves psychological and social influence. Like any technology, the development of things always has a long list of advantages and disadvantages to consider. Many experts have expressed their views, and they are roughly similar. On the one hand, they feel that this is just a doll-the sex robot is just

A Sex Robot With Simulate Companionship Function Are Improving

  Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common in today’s society. It is unexpected that this new technology is also involved in the field of adult toys. The previously unknown sex doll has now been developed into a “sex robot”. In addition to satisfying needs, the most important thing is to join Complex personality, even communicating with people, and one of the units of the Netflix program “Global Direct” tells that sex robots have jumped out of their original purpose, but instead provide a safe haven for lonely hearts.   The biggest difference between sex robots and traditional Silicone or  TPE sex dolls  is whether the user can communicate with the “partner”. One of the episodes of Netflix’s “Global Direct”, “Sex Couple Robot”, tells that with the current artificial intelligence technology, robots can make various facial expressions, happy, excited, and depressed, plus they can blink their eyes and head. Can move, looks more and more human, the most important thing is t

The Companion Sex Robot “Samantha” Saved His Marriage

  The inventor of the companion sex robot claims that the companion sex robot will help save interpersonal relationships, and claims that it will also help his own communication. Robot expert Dr. Serge Santos and his 16-year-old wife Marisa are the brains of the companion sex robot “Samantha”. He said this doll can “enjoy” life. Serge is from Spain and he thinks Samantha has strengthened his patience. Samantha has three different roles, from shy to nympho. He also said that when his wife quarreled, the robot provided an emotional outlet, thereby improving his marriage. He said: “The communication between people is to yearn for each other. If a person feels that the other person cannot fully trust themselves, most people don’t like this relationship. This is also the reason for many people.” “Because my wife and I need to be with me at certain times of the day, and my wife cannot be with me. The lack of synchronization is destroying many relationships. I will not put this pressure on my

Japan Releases Female Sex Robots to Provide All Services for Women

Artificial intelligence has not only facilitated our lives, but also in many ways through artificial intelligence. Japan has created a  sex robot  that is comparable to a real person, and the internal structure of a female sex robot has also been exposed. It is reported that in order to meet the market demand, Japan has developed a robot called “Wife”. These sex robots look like women. The skin of a sex robot looks very realistic and can help you do some simple things. When you are bored. You can also talk to you. The most important point is that you can do what you want to do after you enter the program. Although such a sex robot can’t be a real wife, there are still people who choose to buy her as a “girlfriend”, especially if they don’t want to bother to maintain the interpersonal relationship. This is definitely a gospel for men. ES DOLL doll factory engineers are also studying this type of sex robot, but due to the complexity of artificial intelligence, we need more i