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Japan Releases Female Sex Robots to Provide All Services for Women

Artificial intelligence has not only facilitated our lives, but also in many ways through artificial intelligence. Japan has created a  sex robot  that is comparable to a real person, and the internal structure of a female sex robot has also been exposed. It is reported that in order to meet the market demand, Japan has developed a robot called “Wife”. These sex robots look like women. The skin of a sex robot looks very realistic and can help you do some simple things. When you are bored. You can also talk to you. The most important point is that you can do what you want to do after you enter the program. Although such a sex robot can’t be a real wife, there are still people who choose to buy her as a “girlfriend”, especially if they don’t want to bother to maintain the interpersonal relationship. This is definitely a gospel for men. ES DOLL doll factory engineers are also studying this type of sex robot, but due to the complexity of artificial intelligence, we need more i