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How Will You Groom Your Silicone Sex Doll?

Like any normal woman, love dolls need a bit of care and grooming. Everyone should keep the sex doll well-maintained and clean so as ensure no damage. Thankfully, they can be easily washed down in the shower or in the bath. Remember, taking care of your doll and keeping them in good condition can improve their life span. Don’t get puzzled anymore and read the guidelines given below: Getting intimate with your love doll carefully While having sex with your doll either anal or vaginal, it’s important to use a water-based lubricant like K-Y Jelly. It will turn the experience even more realistic but also lead to avoid tears to the skin. Always act carefully while trying out some positions with silicone love dolls. The reason is obvious as they weigh quite a bit as compared to others. You should not put weight on delicate areas like the hands or ankles. In case of doggy style, excessive weight on delicate areas can damage them. It’s better to support your doll with cushions while exp