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RealDoll Invites Sex Doll Lovers To Shoot A Documentary

  RealDoll, headquartered in California, USA, is one of the world’s leaders in the sex doll industry. They claim to be the best sex doll manufacturer in the world. Since 1997, they have focused on making fantasy people come true. jobs. Recently, they shared their TV commercials on social media, trying to invite doll lovers from all over the world to star in a documentary filming the world of sex dolls. Their slogan read: “Are you currently in a relationship or are you thinking about having a vigorous relationship with a  full body sex doll ? Are you tired of embarrassing dates, impetuous fishing posts, and anxious message screens? Socializing will let you Feeling restless? From now on, people choose to create perfect partners and build deep and meaningful relationships with them.”   In this secret circle, customers can use their creativity as they like, customize different images for the love doll, and now they have the technology to form expressions, move, and even dialogue. These int

Seven Steps To Know How To Create And Made Sex Doll

If you are interested in sex dolls, or curious about the process of making them, you may find that searching on Google does not yield many results. The process of  making sex dolls  is very complicated, and few people can fully understand it. Today I will show you the manufacturing process of sex dolls. The entire production process can be roughly divided into seven different steps. 1. Make a sex doll mold Making molds is the first step in the manufacturing stage of sex dolls. The shape of the mold is very important to the shape and size of the sex doll. It requires a professional designer to draw a drawing that meets the target according to the proportion of the human body, and then use the designed drawing to make the corresponding model. Generally, molds are specially designed, and all types of corresponding models can be manufactured. This process requires designers to be familiar with the preferences of the market and design accordingly. In addition, different masters will design

Love Dolls And Ai Sex Dolls Have Become A Part Of Life

  Love dolls and AI sex dolls are increasingly becoming part of conversations about the future of sex and interpersonal relationships. More and more companies are now developing various functional and increasingly  realistic love dolls , some of which are already on the market. A 2017 survey supported this view, which stated that half of the people believed that the relationship between humans and the love doll would become a common behavior within 50 years. Love doll definition You will never find a universally accepted  what is love doll . Although this does not seem important, any proposal to regulate or ban them will become a serious problem. The main problem is how to distinguish love dolls from ordinary love dolls. Can an attractive doll be called a love doll? However, this does not seem to be very suitable for this, because the love dolls provide people with far more than attraction, they can also mobilize people’s emotions. For example, Mark 1, a robot with an appearance that r

Will The Popularity Of Sex Dolls Affect Future Emotional Relationships?

Sophia, an AI sex robotic is being interviewed. Unlike the host’s big beard and hearty laughter, it has smooth and flawless skin, a charming smile, and distinctive features of femininity. Sophia is a perfect interpretation of mystery. It is reported that Freud wrote a paper called “The Scary Man” in 1919, which is about the strange feeling of being trapped between the virtual and the reality in the Uncanny Valley. Turning the topic to philosophy, this interview is like two people are dating, they are discussing cultural differences. Its resume may be more profound than that of most people. Its name means “wisdom”, with artistic talent and encyclopedic knowledge. The host asked it a series of questions, including the difference between humans and intelligent robots and how to prevent intelligent robots from conflicting with humans. Sophia paused, squinting as if she was thinking. It replied that robots have the ability to replace humans in dangerous and repetitive tasks, allowing humans

Science Fiction Movie “Hire” AI Sex Doll As The Heroine

It is reported that a sci-fi movie costing US$70 million selected the protagonist as the famous AI Sex Doll. This news made the film and television actors whose work progress was affected by the epidemic in the past year even more shocked. They are more concerned about their career jobs. More “competitors” feel more pressure. The  AI ​​Sex Doll  ERICA developed by the Japanese R&D team will become the heroine of the latest film produced by the American company LIFE Productions. LIFE Productions is a high-tech boutique entertainment, marketing and advertising company. They are in a leading position in the use of AI, AR, and VR in the field of film and television drama. According to the displayed details, it can be preliminarily judged that the movie tells the story of a scientist trying to perfect human DNA. The cliché is that, like most science fiction movies, uncontrollable changes occurred during the experiment, and the scientist’s creation was forced to be in his Escaped the lab

Child Sex Dolls Are The Most Controversial Design

  Sex dolls are of course a topic that people have strong opinions. For those who don’t know, sex dolls are toys intended for the adult range. They are made as close to real humans as possible and have some excellent features. There are a large number of sex dolls to choose from on the current e-commerce platform. People associate sex dolls with inflatable models of the past. These designs are still available today, they are not problematic, but they are seriously lacking in details and skills, and it is not a good idea to buy them now. On the other hand, the modern design of the  lifelike sex doll  is amazing. They are made of  silicone  or  TPE ; these materials were chosen because they are very similar to human skin and are easy to maintain in most cases. The touch of the skin made of these materials is super realistic, and you have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate and appreciate its delicate touch, especially the TPE variant. The structure of the dolls is also very goo

Hollywood Uses Sex Dolls Instead Of Protagonists’ Sex Moments

  During the period of the new coronavirus, Hollywood production companies will use sex dolls and real actors to film the sex scenes in the drama in order not to delay the filming of the plot. It is worth noting that “Bold and Beautiful” is the first TV series that will resume production in Los Angeles Television City. In order to comply with the government’s procedures for the coronavirus, these bold and imaginative moves were allowed. According to the show’s executive producer and lead screenwriter Bradley Bell (Bradley Bell), they deleted all sex scenes when reviewing the script. As a result, the story seemed unremarkable. For this reason, they tried to come up with a way to make the sex scene work without breaking the rules during the new crown. He added that they posed the sex doll and looked real. Therefore, they decided to use it to replace some heroines in sex scenes. Moreover, there is currently only one  sex doll actor , but they plan to add more love dolls based on the shoot

Experts Recommend Banning More Realistic Sex Dolls

  Imagine that when you imagine a sex doll, the image of a rough inflatable doll may come to mind. But  Human sex dolls  have become more and more realistic so that some experts claim that there should be “laws of vision” to limit their development inappropriate places. Futurist Ian Pearson (Ian Pearson) said that such a law can prevent sex robots from looking too realistic. The reason may be the panic caused by the robot threat theory and the uncanny valley theory. In an online interview with the Daily Star, Dr. Pearson said: “It is possible (we don’t know the difference), but regulation may force some visible differences to become apparent.” For example, Dr. Pearson suggested that  sex robots  can have bright blue eyes, subtly indicating that they are not human in some intuitive details. He added that for various reasons, this judgment seems reasonable, even if technology allows it not to do so. Just a few days before Dr. Pearson made this suggestion, a sex robot expert Brick claimed

Four Reasons Why You Should Buy A Sex Doll

  According to statistics, our well-known platform sex doll shops can sell more than 500 per day (a total of 18,000 transactions per month). In the US market, especially in the early morning, they can sell 50, which is sold in almost 2 minutes. One, the transaction volume in the evening has grown particularly rapidly. During the Christmas period, only one sex doll sold in the United States between 0 and 2 o’clock in the number of sales reached 1,500, an average of 10.4 sex dolls per minute, while the other sex dolls sold a total of 1,000. Therefore, the market prospect of sex dolls is worth looking forward to. Sex dolls seem to be a hot commodity, and the frequent appearance of sex dolls in recent years has also been reflected. Such hot sales indicate that the market demand is increasing. It is conceivable that the sales of sex dolls around the world will also increase in the future. So, why are sex dolls so popular? Let us analyze together, there are 4 main reasons.   The serious imba

Lace Banks Is Studying The Reasons Why Sex Dolls Are Popular

  Grace Banks used photos of   celebrity sex dolls , such as Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga, in her new book “Play with Me”, trying to promote the concept of “recovering the ownership of the female body”. The cover of this book is the sex doll version of “Girl with Pearl Earrings”. Girl with Pearl Earrings Another photo was taken underwater, a sex doll in a red dress staring at the camera, and further physical photos depicting a realistic image of the sex doll, either lying on a double bed or two  female sex dolls  lying on a double bed, cuddling each other. There are also some photos showing a sex doll, looking like the quirky singer and songwriter Lady Gaga. She will star in the new film “The Birth of a Star” with actor Bradley Cooper. Author Grace Banks said: “This book explores the autonomy of the female body in today’s political, economic and social atmosphere, and how to use sex dolls, mannequins, computer graphics, nude neon reliefs and other female Appropriation of form.” Lady Ga