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What if the purchase sex doll is cheated?

Sex dolls are very popular in the 21st century. There are also many websites selling sex dolls on the Internet. Because sex dolls are private items, most people choose to buy sex dolls online. Buying sex dolls online, you may encounter fraud, this article will guide you how to deal with sexual doll fraud. First of all, let us first understand, what are the ways of sexual doll fraud? First: Sellers will attract you to place orders at very low prices. When the payment is completed, the seller will refuse to ship the goods and you will not be able to contact the seller. Second: The pictures posted on the seller's website are silicone sex dolls, but the actual products received are inflatable sex dolls. Third: The product does not match the image published on the website. Fourth: inferior products. How to prevent sex doll fraud? The payment method is very important. You must not pay the seller directly to the seller's bank card. If your money is paid di