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Does a girlfriend still need a sex doll?

In the eyes of many people, if you have a girlfriend, you don't need sex dolls, but this view is definitely a blindness. According to Xiaobian's statistics, among the customers who buy esdoll sex dolls , there are fixed relationships such as girlfriends or wives. The proportion of the partner is about 30%. This data clearly answers the question “Do you still need a sex doll for your girlfriend?” in the title. The answer is obvious. Why do men who have a fixed partner such as a girlfriend/wife need a sex doll? According to the dictation of this part of the customer, there are mainly the following reasons: Girlfriend or wife can't fully satisfy their sexual desire (some friends' sexual desire may be stronger than normal) Girlfriend or wife is cold (this is also more common) Girlfriend/wife is busy and unable to have a normal fixed sex life (equality between men and women, women pursue independence and even career women) I often go on a business trip (when