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Best method to repair cracks in TPE Sex Doll

Soon or later you may face the first bump on your sex doll or the fist sign of age. Our How to repair a silicone love doll guide and video is here to help you ! It may sounds difficult but don’t worry if you take action immediately, you can save your precious doll easily ! First clean the dust of the sex doll's skin, this is the first step. Then remove the repair glue (glue can be purchased at Amazon) and use the repair glue to the torn location. Be very careful during the repair process. Do not use a lot of glue. The repair process takes 2-3 hours. During the repair process, the doll should be placed in a clean position, to ensure the best results of repair The repaired position is more fragile and should be cautious, not secondary damage. If it is damaged twice, the repair will become very difficult. Article source: If reproduced, please indicate the source.