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Japanese History After Hitler’s Invented Sex Dolls

  As we all know, Hitler commissioned a Danish scientific expert during World War II to   invented a sex doll   (or “Madame Voyage”) as a substitute for the sexual behavior of army soldiers during World War II. Later, people used this doll to make the prototype of the sex doll, but it was destroyed in the bombing of Dresden, and at the same time the pioneering role of Germany in the  history of sex dolls  was reduced to ashes. Japan is happy to take the baton of this history. But in fact, earlier, the Imperial Japanese Army had also  invented a similar sex doll  technology to provide sex life to all soldiers in the war. From a historical point of view, in the early 19th century, Europe began to manufacture such products with obvious gender characteristics and decorations. For example, there was a law in the United Kingdom at that time, which prohibits the import and sale of such “immoral” and “unmanned” products. s things. According to the literature, these “dummy” were a means of the