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“Lars And The Real Girl” Unveils The Hidden World Of Sex Dolls And Adults

  The childhood sex doll is a partner, and you can build the whole world around it. Some children find their favorite playmates in these small plastic products-dolls or cartoon characters through imagination. They will be attached and do everything possible to love them, but in the end, they will go beyond the category of sex dolls and continue to change. This is a ritual of growth. Will it become special if this ritual continues until adulthood? Today I will discuss with you a movie about physical dolls-“Lars and the Real Girl”. film cover: <<Lars and the Real Girl>> The movie tells the story of pure love between a shy and shy man Lars and an inflatable doll Bianca. In the movie, Dagmar, a kind-hearted doctor, and Gus family. ), colleagues and neighbors create a safe environment, accept and tolerate him and his girlfriend (inflatable doll: Bianca), give love and care, help him enjoy life, and build self-confidence. The film uses sex dolls from San Marcos company RealDoll a