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Are You Cheating Your Partner If You Are Using A Sex Doll?

Gone are the days when sex dolls were made of poor plastic materials that failed to drive you the sexual pleasures. The dolls back a few years were less appealing than today. With the rise in demand, manufacturers have become conscious of the material and features of the doll. Now, they use high-end silicone in the production of these dolls which are softer to touch and feel more realistic. While keeping a sex doll and exploring your sexual pleasures could be one of your fantasies, it might not be as appealing to your significant other. Your partner may think that  loving a realistic sex doll is shame , as they might not be aware of the positive sides.  How using sex dolls can affect your relationship?  With the latest changes in the production and features of sex dolls, some of the customers have been overjoyed while others were not very excited. Amongst the rush of innovation and invention, one question has always been there –  are you cheating your partner if you are using a s