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A American Man Decided To Marry His Lifelike Sex Doll

  When it was reported that 36-year-old Steve and his sex doll Babe tied the knot, all this was surprising. In 2019, Steve saw the  Babe sex doll online  and decided to bring her into his life. As a result, it only took him two years to formally date his sex doll. According to the “Daily Telegraph”, Steve had been in a relationship in the past, but now he is completely obsessed with Babe. He will buy expensive shoes, clothes, and even expensive jewelry to dress her up. It’s worth mentioning that Steve has never had any blasphemous thoughts about his  sex doll companion . He said he didn’t want to assault her. Judging from online discussions, Steve is considered a gentle husband, and there have been reports that he has never even kissed his current “fiancee.” In his opinion, it doesn’t matter whether Babe is a real person or not, even whether it responds to him or not, what matters is that she is the perfect partner in Steve’s mind, giving him the warmest accompany. The ESDOLL editor is