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Sex Dolls Are Not Only Sexual Relations But Also Lonely Companions

  In the past, we used to joke about our single friends around us and say, “Your girlfriend is leaking,” that sort of joke. Everyone’s impression of sex dolls is still stuck on the rough and ugly inflatable sex dolls made in the past. But in fact, now sex dolls have made a qualitative leap. In the current era, super  realistic human sex dolls  are made of silicone or TPE, not only in appearance but also in texture, they are almost the same as real people. Therefore, now sex dolls generally refer to  silicone dolls  or  TPE dolls , instead of inflatable dolls in the past, plus they can be dressed up and concave shapes, more like large-scale sex toys, and some companies have implanted sound cards and computers for the dolls. Chips, make dolls more intelligent and anthropomorphic. Today, ESDOLL editors  discuss sex dolls  and the stories behind them. When it comes to adult products such as dolls and sex toys, the first thing that comes to mind should be Japan. But there are also many such

My Boyfriend Likes To Fuck Sex Dolls Not Me

  “I have a problem recently… I’m very worried, and I don’t know how to tell him… My boyfriend seems to prefer sex with sex dolls…” After a glass of wine, the little girl May seemed to be more relaxed and began to throw With such an excellent topic, “I once went on a business trip and ended my work a day early, and I went home early, although I didn’t catch the little lover who cheated…   But I saw him fucking a sex doll… Ah… At that time, I really want to dig a hole for myself on the ground!” ESDOLL Emotional Experts exchanged opinions, “Do you think your boyfriend fucks sex dolls and feels emotionally cheating?” “I also know that it’s been such a sexually open age. It seems very feudal and hypocritical to say that…but it’s really uncomfortable.” Busty Breasts and Sexy Buttocks Doll 156cm – Hedy “We understand…” I patted May on the shoulder, “It’s normal for women to have some cleanliness about sex, feel ashamed, or be replaced. After all, we may have been affected by this from our or

Asian Elite Give Up High Salaries And Start Sex Brands With Wives

Pan Guobin is a technical engineer of a well-known multinational company, and his wife Cui Xuanzhi is an accountant. Because he is very optimistic about the sex toys market, he gave up the high-paying profession to create a sex brand. Pan Guobin (right) and Hong Mingyuan (left) work as technical engineers in multinational companies, while Choi Hyunji is an accountant. The three are optimistic about the sex toys market and give up high salaries to create sex toys Before coming into contact with sex toys, Pan Guobin never thought of using these toys. He considered himself to be in harmony with his partner’s sexual life and had no  need for sex toys . However, a gift from a colleague shatters his mind about sex toys. When chatting after tea and dinner, a colleague suggested that he try sex toys, but he disagreed, but his colleague ordered a special one for him to start his first experience. 166CM C-cup Perfect Chest Life like Adult Doll – Aurora “It feels very different.” He bluntly said

Inflatable Sex Doll River Race Attracts Thousands Of Men And Women In Russia

  Every year in St. Petersburg, in northwest Russia, thousands of young people who carry inflatable sex dolls on their shoulders gather and jump into the Vuoksa river one after another. People who don’t understand think they are dying for love… BBC’s inflatable sex doll contest for short. Spectacular as thousands carry inflatable sex dolls This is an extreme sports competition called the Bubble Baba Challenge (BBC for short). The point of its limit is not how dangerous the exercise is, but whether you have the courage to hold the baby mandarin duck and play in the water. The rules of the competition are not complicated. Jump down the Vuoksa River with the baby in your arms, and then reach the finish line after 1.5KM downstream. The person with the shortest time wins. Note that the criterion for victory is that the person arrives with the inflatable sex doll. The conditions of participation are also extremely open and inclusive, as long as you are a teenager over 16 years old, and have

Do Sex Education Shows Really Need “Uncensored Nude Reality Shows”?

  Sex education programs have opened up a step further in terms of family and educational programs in the United Kingdom. The sex education program “The Sex Education Show” produced by the United Kingdom was broadcast on major TV programs, causing a wave of viewing. There are 24 episodes of “Sex Education, That’s What”, including understanding male and female bodies, understanding pregnancy and childbirth, understanding venereal diseases and sexual behavior, needs, and attitudes toward sexual desire, etc. In order to let the audience truly understand their own bodies, the program will unabashedly Male and female reproductive organs displayed in front of the TV, and there will be many real close-ups. It can be described as the most open sex education program in the history of British TV. 158cm(5’3″) Small Tits Skinned Female Sex Doll – Mira Some people say that pornography and violence are the eternal themes of media attention. In fact, “The Sex Educa-tion Show”, a British-origin show,

British Actress Nearly Arrested For Bringing Sex Toys To Dubai

To travel abroad, you should do some mental preparations in advance, and you should generally understand the local customs and culture, especially the relevant words and things that are taboo. Recently, the famous British reality show actress Charlotte Crosby entered by plane. Dubai airport in the United Arab Emirates was stopped for carrying contraband – “sex toys” in her luggage. A friend of hers said: Charlotte was almost arrested. After they repeatedly explained and pleaded, they were reluctantly allowed to enter the country by the staff. Charlotte’s sex toys were confiscated on the spot… Charlotte said on social media: We were stopped by Dubai customs officers when we entered the country, saying that there was contraband in the suitcase:  adult sex toys , according to the laws of the UAE, we may be arrested. I almost fainted from fright and felt like my head was about to explode. How could I be so ignorant that I didn’t know such an important thing before? Adult sex toys are illeg