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Tips for Buying clothes for Sex Dolls

Buying clothes for the  sex dolls  at home, we can both exercise our own crafts and dress up our own dolls. T We buy  clothes for sex dolls , we have to measure in advance, we need to measure its waist circumference, Leg long, shoulder circumference bust, height, convenient to buy the most suitable clothes,In order to keep your privacy, you should be careful, you should say to buy clothes for your wife or girlfriend. Then you go to store or online store, tell the size of her body. When buying doll clothes, be careful not to buy clothes that are easy to dye, poor quality clothes, especially dyeing, which can be frustrating. Because the head of the  sex doll  can be separated from the body, the head of the head is annoying. Every time you wear it, you have to take it off, so we usually only wear a cardigan… Tell the truth, it is best to wear a suspender dress. It is loose enough, and it is easy to wear and easy to wear. Even if you don’t like the doll wearing a suspender skirt,