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How to Choose an Attractive and Realistic Silicone Love Doll?

  The shape of a silicone love doll is its essence, directly related to whether it looks good, attractive, and capable of arousing our interests and desires. Some may argue that finding beautiful pictures of silicone love dolls and selecting from them is an easy task. But if you truly believe that, then get ready to be deceived. There is much more to consider! Let's explore two aspects: body and head sculpting. A . Choose the height of the love doll. Silicone love dolls on the market range from 100cm to 170cm. The weight of a 100cm sex doll is around 18kg, a 140cm sex doll is around 23kg, a 158cm sex doll is around 30kg, and a 170cm sex doll is around 35kg (the specific measurements may vary between different manufacturers). Undoubtedly, lighter dolls are more convenient for transportation, bathing, and dressing. B. Choose the golden ratio of body proportions and breast size. People have different preferences, some like curvy and voluptuous women, others prefer slender and bea

What Is The History Of Sex Dolls?

The history of methods invented for sexual gratification by men and women alike dates back to the first civilization. However, the industry of realistic sex dolls as we know now, actually started from the early 1990s, which changed the sexual behaviour of many. Though different cultures had their own kind of sex dolls, they were low-tech and didn’t render the same level of pleasure that the modern dolls are offering today. Many Greek pieces of literature from the ancient time give an account of men engaging in sexual acts with statues that represented their kind of women. The 17th-century European sailors on sea voyages made leather sex dolls for sexual satisfaction. Dutch History There is a nick-name for sex dolls from the sailor’s days; Dutch Wives. The Dutch sailors would trade their  sex doll  with Japanese and the latter would call these dolls as “Dutch Wives.” Even today, the Japanese refer to sex dolls by the same noun. Modern World In 1968, the inflatable sex dolls ma