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How to repair silicone & TPE sex dolls?

Silicone & TPE  Sex Dolls  are very soft. If not used properly, it can crack and wrinkle and even damage. In use, once the skin of a sex doll breaks, stop using it and repair it. Use the repairing agent to repair the sex doll’s wound. Clean the wound, no dust, no water, apply the glue with the wound, knead the wound, wait a few hours, the surface will be a little scar. This is normal, and you should pay attention to it later. Try not to stretch too much in this place. Because the TPE material is made by high-temperature production process, the repairing glue of this material will decompose the tpe material. Immediately after the wound is filled with the repairing glue, the wound should be pressed immediately. About TPE “glue”, TPE “glue” is actually a solvent, so real glue will not work with the exception of attaching eyelashes and fingernails to your doll. Before repairing the doll, we have to prepare it: Welding pen heating tool and TPE glue, then use TPE “glue”, apply