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Does a girlfriend still need a sex doll?

In the eyes of many people, if you have a girlfriend, you don't need sex dolls, but this view is definitely a blindness. According to Xiaobian's statistics, among the customers who buy esdoll sex dolls , there are fixed relationships such as girlfriends or wives. The proportion of the partner is about 30%. This data clearly answers the question “Do you still need a sex doll for your girlfriend?” in the title. The answer is obvious. Why do men who have a fixed partner such as a girlfriend/wife need a sex doll? According to the dictation of this part of the customer, there are mainly the following reasons: Girlfriend or wife can't fully satisfy their sexual desire (some friends' sexual desire may be stronger than normal) Girlfriend or wife is cold (this is also more common) Girlfriend/wife is busy and unable to have a normal fixed sex life (equality between men and women, women pursue independence and even career women) I often go on a business trip (when

Love Sex Doll Are Far Way Better Than Real Girlfriends

With this title, your mind surely start thinking- how is this possible where a doll can take place of your girlfriend? What rubbish is this, how can a toy give a feeling of human touch? Don’t worry, with some of our strong reason you will also start believing that love  sex dolls  are actually way better than a girlfriend. Let’s breaking all your confusion and straight come to those reasons. Real life dolls  free from any emotional drama genes- Many of you might hear from a married or mingled man saying that “it’s difficult to understand what women want or think”. Yes, it is actually different to know what’s going inside the heart and mind of girls. Even God can also not predict what she will do next.  They can come up with millions of drama, way beyond what you can ever imagine. Unlike them, sex dolls won’t persist this kind of emotional dramatic feature. They always keep quiet and be nice to you. Sex dolls  never betray you- Many of men dreaming of having the gorgeous lady