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Who Made Sex Doll And Know Sex Dolls History

  Anthony Ferguson wrote a strange story in 2010. The title of this story is “A Glimpse of the History of Sex Dolls”. The book tells the story of Francine, which is creepy even though the story is fabricated. The French philosopher is experimenting with making different humanoid non-creatures. He does have a daughter named Francine. However, nine years before the start of his trip to Sweden, she had passed away at the age of five. Moreover, no one really knows what Descartes intends to do with the doll, but the sailors who throw it into the sea know at least one possibility. The 17th century was a great time to explore the world. At that time, ships across the ocean made a very long and unknown journey, and sailors began to carry some special dolls on their voyages. The prototype of these sex dolls is called “Mrs. Nautical.” They look like a person and are made of fabric attached to bamboo poles. These dolls even wear skirts, which makes them more accessible to those who are looking fo