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Everybody talking about real women and sex doll

Popular selector deejay Tony Matterhorn has awarded his take on the recognition of sex doll Shakira in a course never one to shy away from controversy'. Everybody talking about women and the sex doll dem be beefing already. That's why in the song, I point out that the women are currently cussing saying the dolls are drastic. When about 40% of the females are plastic, but are they hating? He whined. He stated the gender doll comes with its own advantages. Look at the good side. Men will not be regarded as cheating on their wives since there's a  sex  doll to match their urges and rapists and their girlfriends should get death penalty. The silicone beauties  flirt, such as the capacity and boast like characteristics. They can be made to feel warm. Years ago, a movie came into being a guy making a Google Android girl, so I suppose the dolls have been around for some time. I believe curve along with tings and they modified as they provide them hip and a few men are ex