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5 Tips To Take Care Of My Life Size Sex Doll

Owning a life-size sex doll is one thing, and taking care of it is another. It’s important that you keep your doll clean and undamaged. Doing so would ensure that hygiene or the lack thereof doesn’t take a toll on your health. Also, you will then be able to enjoy the companionship of your favorite doll for a long time. And if you have been using your doll for a while now, it’s highly recommended that you get down to cleaning it right away, especially if you want to add some more years to its lifespan. The best part is that it doesn’t call for much effort or time to take care of your doll. So, if you have got your hands on a  cheap life size sex doll in Buffalo  and it has recently come in contact with your body fluids, here’s how you go about cleaning and/or taking care of it. Warm and soap should suffice for cleaning. Just make sure you clean the doll every now and then. Frequent cleaning will help sanitize the doll. However, while you are at it, try and clean the head separately.