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Heinrich Himmler Invented Sex Dolls For Soldiers

  After the start of the Second World War, after the Axis and Allies entered into a global war, men had left their homes for a long time, and the pressure of the war caused them to overindulge their sex lives. Unfortunately, many soldiers contracted venereal diseases. In order to improve combat effectiveness and reduce the risks in this regard,   Heinrich Himmler   decided to develop a series of clean and realistic sex dolls and set up a sex doll studio on the front lines of the war to reduce the soldiers’ sexually transmitted diseases through regular disinfection. probability. The German SS charged on the front line, and the logistics unit followed the army with trucks full of sex dolls. After ambushing the logistics unit, the Allies harvested a large number of sex dolls. We would definitely find it ridiculous to find this scene. This sex doll project is centered on the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. It was supervised by Franz Tschakert, a well-known technician and synthetic materi