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How To Take Care Of Your Realistic Sex Doll

  You have purchased yourself a top of the line and stunningly beautiful realistic sex doll; congratulations. But like all other material possessions in life, you need to take care of your sex doll in order to maintain it in peak condition and also increase its shelf life. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can maintain and take care of your realistic sex dolls. It is necessary that you  clean sex doll   regularly before and after use. Even if you don’t clean your doll before use, you should definitely do so after use as it will come in contact your body fluids. You can make use of cleaning tools like vaginal irrigators and luffa on a stick to properly clean your doll after every use. Use a mixture of warm water and disinfectant soap when using either of the above products to clean your doll. After washing your doll, you must make sure that she is properly dried. Without this, she might get attacked by fungus, which will degrade her quality and make it unsafe to use. Use a soft t