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Nine Seductive And Charming Truths About Sex Dolls

  In society, there was a time when people would mention inflatable sex dolls at the end of vulgar laughing topics, but we all know that times have changed. Today, Solid sex dolls are different from  inflatable sex dolls  many years ago. They have realistic designs and manufacturing processes, so that it is sometimes difficult to believe that they are not a real person. Solid Sex dolls are becoming more popular and affordable, here are some tantalizing and fascinating facts about these lifelike dolls! 1. The history of sex dolls is much longer than you think. Many people think that sex dolls were invented in the 20th century. However, historical records of sex dolls first appeared in the 17th century. More than 400 years ago, Dutch soldiers created leather dolls. They sold the dolls to the Japanese. For this reason, sex dolls are sometimes called “Dutch wives” in Japan. 2. The porn industry in most parts of the world is illegal, but the sex doll experience hall is not strictly censored

The Imbalance In The Men To Women Has Achieved The “Sex Doll” Market

  Due to China’s preference for having boys, coupled with the family planning policy, the ratio of men to women is imbalanced, leading to a hot sex doll market. Some people describe  silicone sex dolls  or  TPE sex dolls  like this: “She” has a perfect figure and a pair of emotionless eyes, lying quietly on the bed. “She” is the daily necessities of many “lonely men” in China. At an adult goods store in Shenzhen, such a sex doll sells for about 7,000 yuan. Xiao Zhi, one of the thousands of consumers, has such a sex doll. Like millions of Chinese, the 28-year-old Xiaozhi left his hometown of Henan to pursue his ideals in the southern province of Guangdong. During his work, he lived as a bachelor. He could only go back to his hometown to visit his wife during the holidays. He doesn’t want to betray his wife, but he needs to satisfy his  spiritual and physical needs.  So, he took out nearly a month’s salary to buy realistic sex dolls. According to an ESDOLL adult products shopping platfor

Five Ways To Treat Lonely Elderly People

  It is completely understandable that you will feel lonely as you age. The children may already live alone and are far away; old friends and acquaintances at work have left the city. You don’t have to feel lonely, loneliness consumes your energy. You can improve your life, give yourself a positive attitude, and you can do many things to avoid social isolation and avoid loneliness. When you participate in activities and develop habits, you will find that coping with loneliness is much easier than you think. Buy a realistic sex doll Sex dolls are more and more accepted by society, and many people turn to these magical  fantasy love dolls  to face loneliness. Sex doll not only provides an unparalleled experience, but also provides you with a friend who is willing to listen at any time. Considering that countless fruitless relationships may kill their social life and destroy their hope of entering another relationship, lonely middle-aged people can definitely be connected with this. After

Sex Dolls Can Really Ease The Lonely Life

In the booming sex doll industry, this heartbreaking desire for companionship may not be more obvious than this. Until a few years ago, sex dolls were a prank. Nowadays, sex dolls are almost everywhere, and they are becoming more and more common over time. The craftsmanship of the industry is still unable to meet market demand, and sex doll experience halls have appeared in countries such as Britain, France, and Germany, and even America. Before the   Russia World Cup  proved so popular, the owner of a   sex doll experience hall   opened in Russia was considering opening more venues. In Japan, sex dolls are breaking the deadlock between couples living under the same roof. Some Japanese men claim that they really like sex dolls, take it to the park and introduce it to friends. A search on the Internet will reveal that Japan is by no means an exception in this boom of companion robots. But most psychiatrists still claim that sex dolls will do things against humans and that robots are re-

Summarize The Occasions That Sex Dolls Used In 2020

  Are sex dolls newsworthy?   The editor of ESDOLL certainly thinks it has great value! However, it can be understood that the topic of sex dolls rarely appears in the headlines. This is why when we see news stories about sex dolls, it is exciting. So, let us see what news stories have seen sex dolls! “Audience” in a football league Sex doll as a sports fan South Korea’s premier football team FC Seoul has received a record fine. What regulations did they violate? During the epidemic, they carefully prepared a promotional video. The club placed models in the auditorium in the stadium as spectators to watch the game. It can be seen that each model is wearing a mask and maintaining a prescribed social distance. Unfortunately, these are not ordinary human models. Maybe you also thought of it, right! Those mannequins are actually  realistic human size sex dolls . It can be considered that this is the magical use of sex dolls, but unfortunately, this is not allowed in South Korea, so the tea