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What Clothes to Wear and How to Dress Sex Dolls?

  As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man." Even if a person is not exceptionally attractive, wearing suitable clothing can add some charm. This is especially true for realistically customized sex dolls , which always look beautiful regardless of the outfit. Moreover, different clothing styles can create various character personalities and feelings. However, dressing a sex doll requires attention to certain details. Let Se Le Lai explain the important points: Before dressing the doll, apply a light layer of talcum powder on its body to make the skin smoother and facilitate dressing. Avoid dressing the doll in clothes that may bleed color, as silicone has an oily texture. Once stained, the color will permeate the silicone and cannot be washed off. It's better to choose white, light pink, or flesh-colored outfits. This point is crucial as staining a beautiful real sex doll can ruin its perfection. Tight-fitting, long-sleeved, and one-piece garments are not suitable for s