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Chinese Doll Factory Exports Sex Dolls To South Africa To A New High

In the past 2020, the South African adult products company LuvLand’s import demand for sex dolls has reached a record high. It is important to know that in 2018 they only ordered 6 sex dolls from the Chinese doll factory to test the market demand. Patrick Meyer, the company’s operations manager, said: “At the beginning, we only ordered 6 sex dolls in October, and the supplier delivered the products to us a few weeks later. By the end of the year, there was only one. Inventory, we must know that China’s per capita GDP is only more than 6,300 US dollars.” After that, in early 2019, the company will import about 50 sex dolls from China every month, and the supply is still in short supply. Today, Meier’s company purchases close to more than 200 per month. Consumers’  obsession with sex dolls  has increased the import demand for such products in his industry. These sex dolls are very lifelike, because they are about the same weight as real humans, and they are made of solid materials such a

“Sex Doll” Settled On Instagram To Become A Photo-Net Celebrity

  When most people are still discussing popular models, actors, food, or various stars, a new trend is emerging-sex dolls. This is not a joke, the sex doll community on Instagram is real and it is getting more and more attention! Although it sounds strange, there are many factors that explain why sex dolls have become popular in the public eye. Let’s dive into the world of sex doll content creators and see where it started. Break the shackles Although the sex doll community on Instagram is a relatively new group, ESDOLL, as a direct factory sex doll sales official website, also has its own  sex doll blog . Today, our website has more than 10,000 members. , Share their photos and opinions about dolls. Let’s go back to 5 years ago. T, the American sex toy tester, was the first person to post a sex doll portrait on Instagram. He read a news article saying that a woman did something to let herself look like a sex doll. Plastic surgery. At that time, he decided to open a special account for

4 Reasons Realistic Sex Dolls Help Overcome Sadness

Today, many lonely people find solace in these sex dolls, many of which are customized to make sex dolls look more real or like their lost partners. ESDoll is a manufacturer of sex dolls. In addition to ordinary daily shipments, the most requested request is to imitate a love doll of a deceased relative. Now, more and more people are trying to accept sex dolls. They appreciate this technology, which allows them to get out of loneliness, and the rich emotions in their hearts continue. Losing important people can be emotional, and  realistic sex dolls   can save people from the loneliness and sadness that this loss brings. This may sound crazy, but what can be more important than making people happy? Today, the editor will talk about how sex dolls help thousands of people get rid of the depression and sadness caused by loneliness or loss. 1. Sex dolls provide relief from stress and anxiety Loneliness or the departure of a loved one always brings stress, anxiety and depression. Biological

Realdoll Announced The Development Of A New Skin Material For Sex Dolls

  The AI ​​sex doll industry is in a leading position in the field of synthetic biology, thanks to the ever-increasing cutting-edge technology and a large number of innovative talents. When you think that the creators of sex dolls can no longer continue their epic design and manufacturing, they have tried every means to develop more breakthrough dolls. The  American sex doll  company RealDoll has clearly become one of the leading forces in the  AI ​​sex doll  market, producing advanced humanoid robots. In a recent post on social media, the company hinted at the technology it uses to break the boundaries of realism. The company wrote on its foreign social media Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page: “It’s not just fine design and elegant makeup that make our dolls glowing. Guess what else?” This post seems to imply that the company has some tricks to make the skin of the doll “glow”, allowing the skin color of the sex doll to respond to changes similar to human light. Many fans of  Asia

A Lonely Old Man In His Seventies Who Buys Sex Dolls Still Wants Sex

  I recently read a news article. In Los Angeles, an old man who lived alone in Los Angeles spent $1,000 on a sex doll. According to reports, the old man had two children and had already married each other and rarely went home. His wife was also there for several years. Passed away due to illness. Someone once introduced him to his second wife, “We lived well together at the time.” But once when he wanted to have sex, he was scolded by this wife, “You still want sex at such an old age, don’t you? Obscene,” So he thought of buying a sex doll. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 2,000 adult product stores scattered in alleys and streets of Los Angeles, with more than 100,000 shipments a year. When we wander around in various cities, it is not difficult to find that there are many  sex dolls for men  in adult goods stores all over the streets and alleys. Searching for “sex doll” through amazon, the number of products far exceeds 50 pages, and search platforms such as Googl

He Loves Sex Dolls And “Gave Birth To Children”

  An Asian man fell in love with a sex doll, and recently announced on Facebook that he “has a son” and shared a happy photo of a “family of three”. This has aroused heated discussion and attracted many media reports. Asian man Xie Tianrong fell in love with the character “Asuka” in the anime “Evangelion” and bought this  anime sex doll  and named it “Miku”. Xie Tianrong regards  Miku  as his wife. He always shares his daily life on Facebook and took many photos to show his affection. Earlier he even gave Miku an iPhone 12 Pro to show how much he loves the doll. At the beginning of the year, he even announced the addition of a new “new member” to his family on Facebook. The child is a baby doll dressed in women’s clothing. At the same time, he put up a photo of a family of three. It can be seen that Xie Tianrong’s face is full of happiness, and the topic is no longer Few netizens also expressed their blessings. In addition to arousing heated discussion among netizens, many foreign medi

Netizens Regularly Hold Sex Doll Sororities To Share Interesting Facts

Sex dolls are special companions for singles. There are 2 to 3 “Sex doll sororities” held every year in Texas in the United States. Doll lovers will bring their own “couples” to participate and have a hobby of like-minded people. They meet to share their experience of sex dolls, and carefully observe each other’s love dolls as a reference for future purchases. The meeting is basically attended by middle-aged men, they will  dress up love dolls , each party has more than 30 exquisitely dressed sex dolls. In addition to admiring and studying each other’s love dolls, they also drink, play the piano, and do a lot of normal party activities. In their view, this is part of the rapidly developing sex doll zeitgeist that is currently sweeping the world. All over the world, more and more people are starting to  buy sex dolls . Manufacturers such as ESDOLL have taken advantage of the exuberant demand for sex dolls and shot a lot of photo albums about sex dolls. Each doll has meticulous attention

Marriage Anxiety Has Become A Good Opportunity For The Rise Of The Sex Doll Industry

  Economists believe that the imbalance of the sex ratio between men and women may lead to more entrepreneurial behaviors, thereby stimulating economic development. Fang Fengmei, a former reporter of The Wall Street Journal, has long been concerned about China’s fertility policy. In his book “Only Child”, he pointed out that the imbalance of gender ratio does give some “sex doll industry” opportunities, but it also exposes Chinese women to serious objectification. problem. Although China is currently fully opening up two children and gradually opening three children, the fertility rate has risen slightly, but she pointed out that it seems that it still cannot alleviate the problems in the next 20 years. “China’s next-generation will still suffer from a serious shortage of population. In particular, we face the dilemma of a shortage of 40 to 60 million women.” According to Australian research, China’s bachelor’s problem will cause parents to accumulate funds to increase men’s worth in t

AI Sex Doll Can Be Designated To Suitable For The Elderly And The Disabled

  With the rapid development of “artificial intelligence” (AI), robots have derived various uses. Today, British scientists have discovered that robots can not only be used for long-term photos but also “AI sex dolls” can help elderly people living alone get rid of loneliness. Professor Nancy Jecker of the University of Washington recently published an article “No Shame:  AI Sex Dolls  for the Elderly Handicapped” in the Journal of Medical Ethics. The article boldly suggests that the use of “AI sex dolls” can improve the physical and mental health of silver-haired people living alone or with disabilities. She emphasized that although  lifelike sex dolls  are often regarded as humanoid toys for bachelors or otakus to solve sexual and psychological problems, they are also salvation for the elderly and the disabled to enjoy the joy of fish and water when they enter the twilight year. This thesis aims to liberate people’s illusions about sex dolls and redefine them as products suitable for

Geeks Finds Alternative Love Through Sex Dolls

  What is useful to some people is not necessarily useful to others. Take love as an example. Most of us choose to meet a new man or woman to find love when we meet with friends, at a wine bar, or even when shopping. However, there is a group of people who prefer to look for it in a fantasy world. These people are called geeks. Geek is a slang term referring to those weird people who are obsessed with video games, animated movies, and  realistic sex dolls . In essence, these people are equivalent to geeks in English slang. It can be said that these Geeks have completely given up on imagining women in real life because they believe that human emotions are full of deception and betrayal, but love doll never does these things, they can 100% trust love doll. Working from 9 to 5 every day makes them very tired. Facing the various questions from their bosses, colleagues, and family members, they have no energy to deal with other things. Although it seems strange, the behavior of  collecting

Six Reasons Why Hot Sex Dolls For Sale

  Statistics show that the output value of the adult products-related industries in the United States has exceeded US$20 billion. Are sex dolls so popular in the United States? Is this a huge lie? Let us analyze next. According to the data of “The Sun”, by 2020, the valuation of the sex toy industry will exceed 100 billion US dollars, of which the US market will occupy more than half of the market; furthermore, the latest “American sex toy market scale and forecast” released by Yahoo data shows In 2020, the  US sex toys market  has exceeded 150 billion dollars. The data is hollow, but at least we can feel that sex dolls have indeed come into the eyes of the public. Although they are not as common as other daily necessities, you will find that there are more and more sellers on Amazon or other online shopping platforms. How can so many businesses devote themselves to this demand?   Search for “sex doll” on amazon, the results will show that there are more than 50,000  sex doll torsos ,