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Husband Secretly Uses Sex Doll While Wife Is Pregnant

  Netizens ask for help: My relationship with my husband has always been stable, but 10 months after I gave birth, I found out that  my husband was fucking a sex doll  and  constantly having sex with dolls .  What should I do?  Should I forgive him? I don’t know why he would do this. Netizens discuss: RYhP6n:  Sex dolls are a reasonable, legal, safe, comfortable, and healthy way to solve sexual needs. They are just a relatively large adult product, and she has no soul, so your husband has no problem in essence, let alone cheating. The only thing wrong with your husband is that he didn’t discuss it with you in advance. In any case, your husband is a prodigal man. This big one buys cosmetics for his wife. it is delicious to buy delicious food, so just go over if you are angry. I8two4u: First of all, you have to praise your husband. During your pregnancy, in order to solve your own sexual needs, you didn’t think about finding a lover or visiting prostitutes. In any case, this is worthy of

How Different Do People Around The World “Fuck Time And Happy Sex”?

  Every moment, people around the world applaud sexual intercourse. Harris Interactive, a market research company, has set up an online survey with a huge sample size to obtain the most representative heterosexual fuck-sex sample data from countries around the world. The survey data shows some interesting things like the extent to which people enjoy fucking-sex in different countries, the time people have sex, and the issue of gender equality in sexual pleasure. People in Nigeria and Mexico have better fucking-sex There’s something surprising about this global map of fucking-sex excitement. For example, France, known as a master of fucking-sex, has a false reputation and is at the lowest level in the fuck-sex excitement survey. Mexico and Nigeria far outnumbered the rest of the world by a large margin. It is worth noting that in-person surveys were conducted in Nigeria, not online surveys elsewhere. This has the potential to skew the results: after all, it’s much harder to say that you

The Amount Of Exercise And Taboo When Having Sex With A Sex Doll

Some time ago, ESDOLL editor saw a physiotherapy ring that can show the number and intensity of sexual intimacy. This sex doll can record the amount of sexual activity, which ESDOLL editors think it is necessary to understand. Sexual “movement” with sex dolls In sexual life, healthy people generally do not care about the amount of sexual exercise, because that consumption is negligible. However, people with weak constitutions or diseases would like to know how much energy each time people  have sex with a sex doll , and whether it will consume energy and qi, which will have a great impact on the body. In fact, there is no international standard for the amount of “exercise” and energy consumption by sexual intercourse with sex dolls. Some data say that in the course of 10 minutes of sexual intercourse, people will consume 3 kilowatts of energy. Some say, “One drop of semen is equal to 60 drops of blood”. There are various opinions and there seems to be no basis. Semen is produced and se

Ireland’s Queen Of Sex Toy: Women Need To Find Their True Selves

  “The best sex toy for women is your hand, I’m an advocate for masturbating,” says Jenny Keane Whether it’s demonstrating  how to use a sex toy  or simulating getting into a state of excitement, Jenny has no embarrassment or shyness in her online sexual health education class. Jeanne Keane wants Irish people to be more at ease, understanding, and enjoying their private behavior. Jenny isn’t shy in her online class, showing how to use sex toys, play alternative sex games Known as Ireland’s sex queen, 35-year-old Jeanne Keane is a strong advocate of women’s sexual health and a way to find orgasm through masturbating. She sparked a sex revolution across Ireland. Jenny Keane has held an online class on positive sex, and over 20,000 people have signed up for her class to improve the level of fun in their lives. The well-rounded sex education promoter, who has more than 80,000 followers on social media platforms, says any education starts with hands-on exploration. “The best sex toy for fem

Yale University: Using Sex Toys Is The Safest Sex During The Epidemic

  According to doctors, once a man is diagnosed with the new crown virus, it may lead to “male disorder”? The study pointed out that the “new crown” affects the secretion of testosterone and hormones. Many men worry about whether the “sexual well-being” of the lower body will be affected after being infected with the new crown virus. The sexual medicine journal “Sexual Medicine” once published a study alleging that after infection with new coronary pneumonia, the virus may affect the “endothelial cells” in the microvessels, causing the microvessels to incapacitate and shrink; and the systemic inflammation caused by the virus is also the risk of causing erectile dysfunction factor. The results of the study showed that people infected with the new coronavirus had a 20% higher risk of erectile dysfunction than healthy normal people. Even if there is no abnormality in penis erectile function after infection with the new coronavirus, the sequelae of the “new crown” may also affect the human

Sex Research Reports A Staggering Number Of Sex Dolls As Ideal Companions

  According to a study published in the International Journal of Sex Research in August 2022, the number of people worldwide who own “female sex dolls” (life-size sex dolls with real human characteristics) believe that sex dolls are ideal romantic companions. The study also suggests that they are more likely to have alienated attitudes toward real-life women. 165cm Big Boobs Blonde Lifelike Sex Dolls – Ericka Jeanne C. Desbuleux, the author of the article and researcher at the Institute of Sexuality at the University of Duisburg-Essen, explains: “We have been following the criticism and debate in the media and academia about the use of  super realistic sex dolls , but such debates are not supported by much relevant research data. ” “In some countries and regions, morally oriented controversies have led to the passage of laws banning real sex dolls. Because traditional culture and religion tend to stigmatize irregular sexual behavior, and it’s important to listen to these niche groups,