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After much research I am amazed at the abundant and unique variety of  real dolls manufactured today. There are many kinds of modern dolls available; fashion dolls, character dolls, toddler dolls, and sex  dolls. The focus of this article is to take a look at the dolls manufactured by  EsDoll doll companies to compare what is offered, and to analyze how    the meaning of “realistic” in the creation of realistic sex  dolls. The  sex  doll companies researched was ESDOLL . A review of the dolls   reveals many varieties of dolls. It also reveals more than one interpretation of “realism.” Realistic dolls  made to appeal to adult   are uniquely different from Realistic sex  dolls  made to appeal to adults. All of the modern doll companies researched manufacture dolls for adult ’s play, except one. EsDoll  dolls appear to be essentially designed as collector dolls for adults. The dolls made by the other contemporary doll companies appear to have the same general characteristics. For a