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Why Can Not We Believe In Intelligent Sex Robot Promotion

Based on the current sex doll manufacturing technology, there is still a long time to develop in the intelligence to meet the requirements of doll intelligence. Silicone or TPE materials have more research and development space and space for use, and they are reflected in the intelligent functions presented by the dolls. At present, the combination of doll materials and technology products is even less available. Intelligence is only a popular point of promotion for the current doll factory. Really can benefit the seller’s customers, in addition to the real doll company in the research and development stage, they have the basic scene application of voice and demeanor, but also the primary intelligence stage, but their  sex doll products  are overpriced, an average of 5000USD or more For consumers who  buy sex dolls  for the first time, this is an extremely expensive price, and we don’t have to pay such an expensive price at all. Our doll factory is also taking advantage of