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The latest trends in the industry of sex dolls

If you take a look at the latest trends and improvements in the sex doll industry, it is fair to conclude that the industry has improved massively in its manufacturing quality and quantity. The dolls of today are so advanced that they not only provide an enhanced sexual enhancement but also go on to make the entire experience stunningly memorable for the user. A few years back, sex dolls  were considered a massive taboo in the industry, and they were made of cheap plastic. However, over the years, the quality of these sex dolls have massively improved and Small boob sex doll   are manufactured from TPE which is the abbreviation for Thermoplastic Elastomer. The dolls come in designs that are breathtakingly beautiful and using them no longer is a taboo as an increasing number of people continue to use them and learn about their pleasures. If you take a walk down memory lane, the first public promotion of sex dolls was done by the then famous radio host, Howard Stern. He was one of