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Have You Ever Attended An Adult Doll Marriage?

You might have definitely heard of weird marriage customs around the world. But, have you ever heard of an adult marriage? Have you ever been a part of it? Just like normal weddings between a man and a woman, unusual weddings as that of a sex doll with a human are also topping the trend charts these days. All across the world, there have been cases, where a human (be it a man or a woman) got married to a doll. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss exactly these doll wedding examples. So, be ready to enjoy this fun ride. Scroll down. Married To a Doll: Real-Life Doll Wedding Examples There have been multiple instances where people buying  stylish realistic sex dolls in Illinois  have actually married their dolls, consummated their marriage and led a happier life forever. Some of the examples are mentioned below – Marriage With a Zombie Doll Felicity Kadlec married her zombie doll, Kelly Rossi, in a beautiful ceremony in Tiverton, USA. The marriage cost $500 and was acc