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Hit Shooter Game Introduces Sex Toy Interface

The popular shooting game “Ultrakill” has received unanimous praise since its launch, and has continued to be updated in recent years. Recently, in response to female players’ proposals, an interface function of “adult fun content” – “sex toy vibration” has been added to the game… 158cm (5ft2) Beautiful Celebrity Luxury Sex Doll – Milf Karen $ 1,600.00   $ 989.00 “Ultrakill” is a shooting game with a strong realistic atmosphere. Players can use various weapons to kill enemies to gain a sense of accomplishment, but some players are eager for “bad pleasure”. This loyal female fan left a message on the Internet hoping The “Ultrakill” development team can realize her heart’s desire. So, in a very short period of time, “Ultrakill” programmer PITR and Mod developer quote jointly created and released the official plug-in module “UKbutt” (supporting module) on Github, supporting a series of sex toys, such as It’s the remote-controlled Fancy Clamshell, and the dual-frequency Telesco

Sales Of Sex Toys Increased Significantly During The World Cup

According to a British sex toy e-commerce website, since the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, the sales of sex toys have been soaring. Sales of female vibrators and dildos have soared, up 32 percent, according to new figures released by UK-based GetFruityCo. However, according to the person in charge of the website, most of the users who  bought sex toys  during the World Cup were women, and most of them were for their own masturbation. “There are more than 60 matches in the World Cup and a lot of men will focus on football rather than their wives or partners. A lot of young women have to be alone at night. Of course, there are also many women who are also football fans.” The person in charge of the sex toy e-commerce website also said that after England entered the top 8 of the World Cup, the sales of sex toys have increased significantly: “Generally speaking, it is stable at this time of year, but there has been a sharp increase recently, and perhaps many women are aware of it. It

Design Company Launches “World Cup” Sex Toy

  An American design company Wolfgang & Hite has launched a “World Cup” sex toy. This toy looks exactly like the Al Janoub Stadium for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar… “We designed this  masturbator sex toy for men  to be very well made, fully waterproof, and can be used in the shower, with a high-quality silicone liner,” said the designer. In fact, the design of this  masturbation cup sex toy  satirizes the huge amount of money, manpower, and material resources spent on the construction of the stadium for the World Cup. According to incomplete estimates by human rights organizations, thousands of construction workers were injured or even killed in construction projects related to the World Cup. Design firm Wolfgang & Hite unveils a World Cup sex toy The design firm has also unveiled two other versions of the sex toy, which also resemble the stadiums used in the World Cup. The New York-based architecture and design firm Wolfgang & Hite back in 2019 designed a set of sex toys sh

Young Engineer Buys Adult Sex Dolls And Shares His ‘Feeling’

Most people always think about adult sex dolls and can’t get rid of sex, but not to mention that ordinary people may not know that the cheapest adult sex doll in China costs more than one thousand dollars, and there is a buyer in Guangdong Province who buys it continuously He actually asked him how he felt about “sexing” with a sex doll, and he said honestly: “After having sex a few times, it feels the same as a woman’s real vagina.” The young engineer said that he had bought three  TPE realistic sex dolls  at home. He admitted that the perfect proportion of sex dolls is really difficult to meet in the real world, and he is already in his 30s. Some of his own ideas, so he also said, “I can’t suppress my sexual desire because of this, I just need a channel for normal sexual release, and I don’t want to cause social troubles and worry about STDs, so I chose sex dolls.” The buyer also shared his experience: “After using the sex doll two or three times, it will feel as if someone is really

ESDoll Is Working On More Smart Female Robots For Sale

  Currently, ESDoll sex dolls offer an intelligent internal heating system that allows you to easily heat the doll’s body from the inside out. we also offer our intelligent voice system. With this voice system, the doll can talk to you or moan when you are intimate with her. More realistic, isn’t it? Now our factory engineers are developing three new and more advanced three functions for  female sex robots . The pre-sale functions are released as follows: Sex Doll With Buttock Auto-wiggle Feature Do you enjoy Doggy Style?  The woman’s soft waist swayed with the breasts in the dim light, and you could hold the doll’s belly and give her the final cum inside. If you get tired, you can also lay her on her back and she will automatically twist her hips to meet your impact. For sure could stir up your mind once you experience your doll cock up the ass and you leading all the way, wiggling hips would give you a convenience like no other. Sex Doll With Oral Auto-blowjob Feature Oral sex is the

Fixed Built-in Vagina Is Better Than Removable Insert Vagina For Sex Dolls

  There are two vaginal types for sex dolls, fixed built-in vaginal and removable insert-in vaginal. ESDOLL recommends fixed built-in vaginal. Fixed is better for experienced users and insert is better for first-timers as it is easier to clean. No difference when it comes to durability. The fixed vagina is in-built into the body of the doll and contains a texture, much like that of a real woman’s vagina, In appearance, they look the same at all. If your sex doll has a built-in vagina, there is also another option, using female condoms. These can be pushed into the vagina and then pulled out when done so that no cleanup is necessary. However some say that it doesn’t feel as good, and sometimes the female condom can break anyway, especially if you reuse them. A removable vagina is an insert that can be removed for cleaning and washing (sort of like a Fleshlight). But the vaginal cavity is not textured, like a fixed vagina, rather the insert is textured on the inside. With removable vagin

ESDoll Top 10 Best Sex Dolls For Coming Christmas 2022

  Christmas is coming on December 25th. ESDOLL especially recommends some of the hottest and best sex dolls for fans before this best holiday home. The gift treats Christmas is not just for kids! For adults, Come to some restricted sweetness, the orgasm is definitely better than sugar! Sex in winter is very warm, and after the warmth comes to a sense of excitement! Sex also needs to keep pace with the times and keep up with the trend, so after Christmas at the end of December, the editor compiled super festive sex dolls, whether it is role-playing, playing a little SM plot, or simply wanting to add a sense of fun. Find the right one! 5ft5 / 166cm Aurora sex doll The tingling feeling of Aurora’s tongue flicking between her legs is matched with fantasy, and the orgasm is close at hand. 166CM C-cup Perfect Chest Lifelike Adult Doll – Aurora 2. 163 cm(5.35 ft) Jasmine Sex Doll Meet the lovely  Jasmine (also called:  Shakira , Hailey, or Dominque..), our beautiful 163cm model from ES Doll.

Industrialization Of Sex Education (Part Two)

  [Introduction] In the previous article, we have discussed the similarities and differences in the development of sex education in various countries, but in fact, in general, sex education in various countries is a top-down education system, and there is no complete system. industrial system. Clarissa Premium Real Sex Doll – 158cm In the context of a lack of scientific education and guidance, the adult industry lacks scientific understanding from industry practitioners to consumers. The industry is reluctant, and sex toys sometimes become a part of sex education. Now that we have talked about the current situation and problems, in this article, let’s talk about the more realistic part—how to do it. 01 Should sex education be industrialized? Why industrialize? What should the sex education industry include? In the previous article:  Talking About Global Sex Education (Part 1) , we mentioned sex education as a science that explores the human body, emotions, and behavior. In addition to