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How to make your silicon sex doll experience more life like?

You went just went ahead and made a great investment on a silicon sex doll . It is a great investment by a lot of means and you have definitely started out well. Now it is time to make your experience even more lifelike and below are some tips and tricks in order to make that happen. 1.  Lingerie and Clothing This might be the most obvious tip in the entire article, but it goes without saying that if you want to make your   silicon sex doll  more lifelike you need to go out  and do some shopping for her. Dressing and undressing your doll will help you form an intimate relationship with her and this will definitely help you in the longer run. When you go out shopping for your doll, make sure you choose a variety of lingerie and clothing. This will help you fulfil a lot of your desires and fantasies with her. A popular outfit choice among customers is the school girl outfit. 2.  Make up A great man once said that every looks incomplete without proper makeup and hair styling. Th

Fulfil Your Wildest Fantasies with Sex Dolls

It is time that you stopped running after those that do not bother about you. Stop wasting your time and money on costly dates, in hoping to be laid that very night. It is time for you to invest in a hot sexy doll, a doll that would do as you say and would not hesitate to play 50 SHADES OF GREY or more with you. What is your wildest fantasy? Do you want to go full throttle and gag your partner? Do you wish to tie her up and then anal pound her? Do you wish to have her as your slave and then make her do as you say? Do you wish to have someone in roleplay costume fetish and more? Whatever it is, or whatever be your fantasy, you sure would have to do a lot of convincing and running around to make a real woman get on to her knees to do that with consent. However, that would not be the case with a sex doll. This is because the doll is made for your pleasure and for your naughty stuff to do. Pound her and gag her like a pro, and she would not squirm a bit. You can bend her and

11 Tips on How to Care for Your sex doll

You may have all the fun you want with your sex doll, but you should know how to care for her as well. Here are a couple of instructions for you to follow. Hence, please read on and be well informed. Tips to note 1、Always and always remember, your sex doll is made with a metal skeleton inside which is then covered with real feel material. Hence to maximize its lifespan and quality, you must care for the doll pretty well. 2、When you move your doll around, do not be too rough. You need to understand that the doll could be heavy because she has a metal skeleton- depends on what size she is. Don’t drop her or knock her against surfaces that are hard. 3、If you use sharp objects on her, stretch her limbs too much or with a lot of force, her skin could get damaged and the underlying skeleton too could be damaged. 4、Since the sex doll is made from a metal skeleton and she has many joints which are fixed and movable, she will be flexible enough to perform a wide range of positions fo

Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll Explained

Most of us shudder from the thought of owning a sex doll, and are not ready to accept the fact, that these silicone beauties are the next best thing to a real person. The making of such dolls is done with high regard and due diligence, and they have a very good purpose that too. Most of the materials used on the construction of such sex dolls would be the fabric quality, rubber, silicone and more. These are the highest quality materials used, which gives you almost the real human feel when you touch them. Most of the sex dolls and their accessories are used mainly for sexual needs and masturbation purposes, and there are other benefits too that they can provide. Please read on and find out the various number of advantages a sex doll can give you. You have great sex anytime and without any fuss Most sex dolls are used by many for the utmost pleasure that they give and one gets out of it. They have dildos or masturbators attached to them in some models, which helps with stronger s

What Features Make Sex Dolls Very Popular?

We all know that male and female sex dolls have almost real life like skin and sexual genitalia. Apart from that, they have the best holes and the right amount of hard on, on penises, and characteristics of their own that urge anyone to buy them. They are very lifelike for sure, which we shall explain further below. Sex dolls are life sized These are sex dolls that have the height and the body shape and size of your dream boy or girl. It is these particular features that make them the best investment from all the traditional sex toys available around. Mind blowing body parts Almost each of the sex dolls you see around have the same body parts just like real men and women have. Hence, they become the perfect plaything for those who want to and like to explore someone else’s body. Most of them have the flesh like appearance which gives these dolls the real feel of a real human being on bed. Hence, they are not just rubber or plastic dolls. They are made from very high end and hi

Practice Makes You Perfect and Sex Dolls Will Help You with It

For most of you out there who think that your lives are boring, your sexual lives we mean, here is what you need- a sex doll. You have to do something to beat the boredom, and this is why you need to have a sex doll for company. Much more than a sex toy, a sex doll is for yours always, and for you to enjoy. For everyone there is a doll What is your wildest fantasy? Do you want to play utmost kink or go full BDSM? Will your real life partner consent to all your sexual needs and fantasies? There are many such questions as these ones that you can think about, and in most cases, you would be left high and dry. However, with sex dolls for company, you would not have to worry too much. They do as you please and would not utter a word of protest. Someone to hold onto There have been many night when post coitus your man just turned the other way and dozed off. This would not be the scene with a male sex doll. Once you reach orgasm, which you shall and he shall not, you can hold onto h

Playful and Responsive Are Your Sex Dolls

How often have you tried to act sexually naughty with your lover or mate, only to be told away? Sounds familiar? And you didn’t want to go ahead for a sexual game without consent too! Now with a sex doll, you do not have to worry about all of that. Why are sex dolls so popular? One of the reasons why sex dolls have made it big in the industry of adult toys is because of the way they are made. They are made to please you and take care of every iota of sexual need that you have. Some of them have real feel to them, with skin so soft and tender to touch and feel or a real Hardon; depending on the gender of the doll you wish to buy. There are some sex dolls that are made with inbuilt sound and heating technology, which makes them very responsive and realistic. They moan the moment you insert into them your penis. They turn you on by the moans, and their body is warmed up too, which you too can feel when you snuggle up with them and enter their bodies. Available in various mode

The Art of Making Love to Your Sex Dolls Explained

When you have a lot of sex early on in life, you tend to get bored with the act later on. This is because, it becomes mundane and routine, and the spiciness of things would be lost. It does get onto the nerves as well, and no matter what you try with your partner, your fantasies or theirs would not be fulfilled and maybe your partner or you may not want to go ahead. This is when you should think of bringing home a sex doll; which we must say would be the journey of some hot horny sex, non-stop sexual exploration and fun. The art of having the best sex Through sex dolls these days, the amazing non-stop sex most people talk about can be achieved. Not everyone can master the art of having sex like a raging stallion or a hot nympho, but day or night, we all desire to have it and to know more on how to make the sexual act the best you could have had. This is why we are writing to you to tell you more on the art of love making through hot sex dolls. Please read on and enjoy the c

Hottest Sexual Acts Possible with Sexy Dolls- No Questions Asked!

You may have cried yourself to slumber in the past, while your friends have painted the town red. This would not be your story anymore. You do not have to be rich and successful to find a hot sex date, and you do not have to spend on costly dinner dates to get a sex buddy for the night too. And you do not have to wait for the dream date and mate to call you back, after the first encounter. How is all of this possible- ENTER THE SEX DOLL! Experience heavenly bliss One really does not need to have a real man or woman or transgender partner in this day and age to have all the fun, sexually. And you do not have to spend big bucks almost everyday to have the kind of fun you want. To hit the sack like a pro, you need a little practice. Try a sex doll A sex doll can help you explore various styles and positions, sexually, and which can be used safely with them too. There are no inhibitions for the bedroom games you would want to play with the doll, since it is just the two of you and

Why A Sexy Doll to Have Is Like Having Around a Best Sex Buddy?

With a sexy doll for company, you would be short of words to express how happy you feel about your sex life. The doll would teach you a lot about yourself, your sexual needs and the erogenous zones on your body; some of which you thought never existed. You would also learn more on how to please and train your sex buddy too, in keeping you happy on bed, because the sex doll would be showing you moves and places on your body to explore. No inhibitions as such Maybe with a human sex buddy, you may or may not be able to explore yourself sexually, as much as what a sex doll will allow you to do. Most of the inhibitions and shyness happen when you are with a human, but the same cannot be said when a hot sex doll is around. You can indulge in various sexual fantasies and use your adult sex doll, solo or with someone or your partner, and explore what your sexual needs are all about. You do not have to compromise on making any of your fantasies come alive; a sex doll will not judge an

Why One, When You Can Have Double or Triple the Fun with Sexy Dolls?

Listen up boys- nerdy boys especially. You have a long way to go when learning how to please us women, on bed. Not that you do not, but there could be a lot of improvement when you know where to bite, nibble, pike, hump and thrust. And this is why, for practice and sex sake, we want you to pick up a sexy doll. Why? Ever heard of the old adage that says, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. We love the length and girth of the manhood you have, and we worship it. However, we want you to know how to use your manhood, your tongue and hands better. So here is what you can do with a sexy doll to begin your privy lessons on hot sex! Sanitize the doll Get a sanitizer before you start making out with the doll. This ensures that the pathogens are killed and that the doll is safe from anything for your use.   Now undress her Before you undress her, put on some sexy lingerie for her to look super real and sexy. Start by unstrapping her bras, and then go on to removing the piece. Bit

A Gorgeous Romantic Girlfriend Experience with A Sexy Doll

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No Matter What Your Orientation- A Sexy Doll Is Waiting To Be Picked By Everyone

Love is love, and it spreads across the rainbow. We are all human, and no matter which orientation we belong to, our respects are with all. Hot sexy dolls are not just the fantasy of straight men and women too; you could be gay, lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, pansexual or intersex or even asexual or transgender too, and there is a sexy doll waiting to fulfill your fantasy. For the gay brothers There are male dolls with the right contours, penis sizes, chest measurements and even the intricate details of the face and the body for you to choose and enjoy with. If you do not have the fantasy of meeting real men for reasons best known to you; we respect that. However, if the sexual urge is strong and you would like solo one on one action and yet not with a real man; try a male sexy doll. He would do as you say, and with no questions asked. For the lesbian sisters There are female sexy dolls with the juiciest lips, perky breasts and nice contoured buttocks and hips for you t

A Perfect Gifting Option for The Man You Love- A Sexy Doll This Holiday Season!

How often has your man been getting your naughty sexy gifts? Let’s assume he does a lot, or maybe once in awhile. The act of gifting is noble, and since he wants you to pleasure yourself while he is not around, and with something nice- he brings to you a range of sex toys- dildos, vibrators, gels, lubes, panties and sexy lingerie to go with it and more! Don’t you think it is time for you to pay it forward? It would be nice to get him a  sexy doll for the holidays. Just in case! Why? Gifting is not the prerogative of men only; we women can do it better and for the best. A sexy doll is what will keep the spirit and spark of the relationship alive. You can teach him using the doll, the pleasure and erogenous spots on you. Men hate taking directions, but with a seductive doll, made from real skin feel materials in front of him; he would be eager to learn. Customize it You can get the doll customised to the contour and body shapes of celebrities that he fantasizes about, and this w

Health Benefits of Using Sexy Dolls Explained

Big question here- are sex dolls and sex toys beneficial for health purposes? This is a question that was running through many minds, until we noticed that there has been a lot of research done and experts positively say YES. Each year, sex dolls especially are being bought in abundance and are no more of a taboo to think or own one. Adult stores openly display them too, and are no more confined for dingy dark alleys to sell hot sexy dolls and other sex toys that come along with it. Even the internet is buzzing around and promoting the use and sale of hot sexy dolls. What studies say Research from various sources have shown that one in three women and men are owners of sexy dolls and sex toys. With that being said, there are still many that consider having or owning or using a sex doll, a taboo. This needs to go and fast. sexy dolls are meant to be used, to be comfortable with them and there are many benefits proven for the same. Benefits 1. By using sexy dolls, yo

Ways to Rekindle the Magic In Your Honeymoon With A Sexy Doll

Now there is a reason why we said REKINDLE the magic in your honeymoon. Let’s face it, most of us have major sexual encounters before we get married, so the spark per se is not there when the honeymoon is on, even if it is your soulmate. Well, there is an answer to that, and one way to make your wife go crazy about you is to show her how you want to do her, using a sexy doll in front of her. Ignite the flame of passion You need to ignite the passion flame again, and this time maybe you should show how you want to have sex with your wife, by making out with the sexy doll. Get into the bathtub or the pool with the hot sexy doll, and have a water fight with her. Become a kid inront of your wife, and she would be waiting to indulge in the same with you. Seduce with a massage Massages have many benefits, and you can show your wife how she would get a massage when you rugged manly hands touch every contour of her body. Enact the same on the doll and show your wife what awaits her

Big Girls Small Girls Hot Girls and More- Varieties of Sexy Dolls to Choose From!

The internet is a buzz of various types of sex dolls one can pick and choose from. Some of the most popular ones are the blow up and the silicone versions. And these days, these dolls that are made for your sexual pleasure only are customisable too. Let us take a look at the insane range of sexy dolls around! Made from silicone These are sexy dolls that are very realistic than what the counterparts made from plastic are. Their skin has a real feel touch; they are soft to hump too. In most cases, these are posable dolls and they have skeletons in them that are made from metal and are sturdy too. The facial features are removable and as you please, you can change their expressions too. For such dolls, you would first need to prep the sexy ladies up. Powder the sexy doll to begin with, and warm her up with an electric blanket. don’t forget to use lube or else you would end up with chaffing.  TPE Sex Dolls Almost on the same lines as that of silicone dolls, the look

All About Getting Real Action With A Sexy Doll In Bed This Fall!

Now come on boys, there is nothing to be ashamed of when talking about sex. And more so, there is nothing to hide when you want to express your sexuality. You can be anyone you like, roleplay what you want, but have consent with your partner, so that you do not fall into trouble. But the big question is, will your partner agree to having kinky sex with you, just like the way you like it? Don’t be shy about owning a sex doll You don’t mind owning a cock ring or a penis pump or a flesh light? Why then are you shy about owning a sexy doll. A sexy doll wants more foreplay, and she is much more in offering than the real woman out there. She is here to serve you, and for your sexual pleasure only. So there isnt anything to worry about, thinking twice when you want anal penetration with her; your sexy doll would not make a fuss. Inflate her well and she will do as you please. Don’t forget picking up some lube this time, because even though your sexy doll is manufactured

Break Up The Seven Year Marriage Itch With Sexy Dolls!

There are many couples that feel the seven year marriage itch bad; the spark is gone and the individuals in a marriage tend to drift apart. This is so sad and certainly not what was expected by the two of them. When you tied the knot, you decided to be with one another, through thick and through thin. What you need is a spiced up moment; a time for the two of you to spend together, understanding each other’s needs. Sexually speaking, this could be one reason why the spark has gone. This is because sex has become boring, repetitive and predictable. If you have followed the trends these days online, you would notice, couples are engaging in threesomes with sexy dolls to spice up their love lives. And you too can think of the same. If you have ever fantasized about a threesome- now is the time! You really do not have to hurt your partner by asking them to allow a real human man or woman enter the relationship to spice things up. What you could do is to have a sexy doll fulfill

Why THE New Age Man Swears By Using Love Sex Dolls, Explained?

No partying around, no paying for dinners too costly and no more costly shopping trips to woo a woman for a one night stand; a dream for most hot sexy young men of the new-age these days! But is this possible? He also wants to have threesomes and gangbangs, but is not confident asking around for the same, or sometimes, his lady love would not want to give in to his fantasies. So what does a man do? Sex dolls would make it come true Sexy dolls have changed a lot over time and ever since the days of being all ivory. There were days when men looked at the cheap versions of  sexy dolls and considered them to be real mates; imagination used of course. So much so, they were even slept with and fed, bathed and made love to. And hence came about the advent of the sex doll. As time passed by, the evolution of the sex doll to a  sexy doll came about. The way she was made, changed. She now is almost for real, and society too has accepted her more. You customise your girl You read that ri