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American Man Falls In Love With Sex Doll After Divorce

  According to reports from US media, a man named Forde has been living harmoniously with a sex doll for over three years since his divorce from his wife. He also suggests that American men should change their outdated views and become more accepting and knowledgeable about sex products, which can help reduce violent crimes such as rape and lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Forde, 50 years old, is a freelancer. After he divorced his ex-wife, he didn’t want to have a girlfriend anymore, because he loved his son and daughter too much. He doesn’t want to ignore the care and love of his children. he set out to  buy a sex doll  to replace the girlfriend or wife role, he has been browsing different doll suppliers, and finally decided to buy his first sex doll at ESDOLL, he spent about 2000 dollars customizing a lifelike human sex doll from ES Doll online adult store, and then lived with the sex doll for 3 years. This sex doll is about 165cm tall, its name is  Armita , and it w