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South Korea Lifts Ban On Adult Sex Dolls

  The South Korean government recently announced the lifting of the ban on the import of lifelike adult sex dolls. The decision comes after years of debate within the South Korean government over whether banning sex dolls violates human rights and stifles people’s freedom of personal life. Under the new policy, the Korea Customs Service allows the import of adult sex dolls in the shape of adults, but dolls that resemble children and minors are still banned.  Realistic Celebrity sex dolls  that imitate real people, such as famous movie and TV stars, are also not allowed for sale. It is uncertain whether domestically manufactured sex dolls resembling minors are banned in South Korea (such restrictions exist in Australia, the UK and the US). The South Korean government said in a statement that the decision was made carefully after reviewing recent court rulings and seeking opinions from relevant government agencies. The decision also allows importers of sex toys to take back  adult sex do

Can Sex Dolls Be Used As Sex Toys For “Sexual Health Education”?

  A private high school in the United States attaches great importance to sex education courses, and even showed students   sex toys sex dolls   in a small-scale event, which caused a lot of controversy on the Internet… According to a reporter from the “Sun-Times”: The  sex education course  of Francis Parker Middle School in Chicago, USA, mainly allows students to discuss current doubts about sexual health, and the teacher guides and answers these questions, such as reproductive health, puberty, scientific contraception and the age of sexual consent, as well as different sexual orientations, gender identities, and emotional expressions, and more. A spokesman for Francis Park Secondary School said the sex education program hoped to enable students to develop “healthy and respectful relationships”. Clarissa Premium Real Sex Doll – 158cm   (52 reviews) $ 2,500.00   $ 1,099.00 However, after a secretly recorded video was released on the Internet recently, the school was subjected to cyber

The University Of Vermont Held “Sex Toy Bingo”

  The introduction of this event on social media such as Instagram is: “Sexual health expert consultation, as well as romantic sex toys, condoms, and other mysterious gifts.” Previously held the “En-Sex-Clopedia” event. “College students are in the mood for life, full of energy and vitality, and need a formal channel to talk about gender health and clear up some inner confusion (and the new romantic sex toy BINGO :). Do you want to come?” Founded in 1791, the University of Vermont is one of the oldest public research universities in the United States. The University of Vermont also held the “En-Sex-Clopedia” event on April 18 this year. The introduction of the event was: “a safe place to talk about the health of the sexes generously and naturally.” This event also has a similar  romantic Sex toys  game. Journalists can see words such as “ Fuck me “, “ spanking “, and “ love juice ” in reports of similar activities in previous years. The University of Vermont also held a similar gender