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Oral: I had a lifetime with a virgin sexual story (Photos)

My sexual story begins with her and ends with the moment she says she broke up. Who is the injury? and I? I am a 30-year-old married man. My life is basically calm and nothing. Suddenly one day, this calm was suddenly broken by a virgin, and life was playing a brain teaser with me. This was how I did not expect it. When I responded, the virgin had become the past... ... Meet her online, unexpectedly encountered this way: She is the first virgin I met in my life. I can't guarantee if I can still meet it later, but she is really the first case. More than a year later, I remembered her and still wanted to say something. Even if I didn't love her so much, I still don't know if she really loved her. I remember that it was the spring of 2004. I haven't come to Shanghai. My wife has been pregnant for seven months and is pregnant in the countryside. I saw a picture of a Beihang girl posted on a forum. She was young but mature. She wore a stewardess costume, a