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What Should I Do If The Sex Doll Is No Longer Needed?

  Nowadays, sex dolls have gradually been accepted by everyone, so everyone has thought about how to deal with sex dolls after they are no longer needed? It doesn’t matter, today, the editor of ESDoll teaches everyone how to deal with sex dolls that are no longer needed. I don’t know if netizens have paid attention to the fact that people who often do morning exercises have discovered the corpse, and it turns out that it is a very  lifelike human sex doll  that was thrown away. In fact, this approach is very bad and it is easy to frighten the discoverer. Our suggestion is to use scissors to cut the love doll into fist-sized pieces, and then use black plastic bags and throw them into the trash can in 2-3 bags. Every morning, the trash truck will come to pick up the trash. It will not be found by anyone. The stuff in the plastic bag has become a fist-sized piece, and no one can see what it is. As for the built-in metal skeleton, it’s better, because this skeleton is not the kind of human