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How to repair sex doll eyelash that already partially detached?

Maybe after a few months using your sex doll, you notice eyelashes are falling. Don’t worry it’s totally normal and very easy (and cheap) to fix. Because manufacturers only use fake eyelashes and soft glue they will fall one day. This is to prevent any damage to the silicone or the TPE. Let’s see how to replace the original eyelashes or place now ones in this guide. What tools you need to change them 1. A box of eyelashes or the original ones if still in good condition. 2. Eyelash glue 3. Eyelash tweezer The Eyelashes can be found in boxes in the make-up shop with or without glue. eyelashes box Price may vary from a few dollars to 20-30 dollars. Hence, the better the quality, the more expensive. If you don’t have an eyelash tweezer it’s fine, any other tweezer will be fine. Eyelash Tweezer Note that the glue is special for skin and eyelashes. Do not use other type of glue, you could damage both the doll and the eyelashes Eyelash glue How to place the EyelashesFirs

How to repair silicone & TPE sex dolls?

Silicone & TPE  Sex Dolls  are very soft. If not used properly, it can crack and wrinkle and even damage. In use, once the skin of a sex doll breaks, stop using it and repair it. Use the repairing agent to repair the sex doll’s wound. Clean the wound, no dust, no water, apply the glue with the wound, knead the wound, wait a few hours, the surface will be a little scar. This is normal, and you should pay attention to it later. Try not to stretch too much in this place. Because the TPE material is made by high-temperature production process, the repairing glue of this material will decompose the tpe material. Immediately after the wound is filled with the repairing glue, the wound should be pressed immediately. About TPE “glue”, TPE “glue” is actually a solvent, so real glue will not work with the exception of attaching eyelashes and fingernails to your doll. Before repairing the doll, we have to prepare it: Welding pen heating tool and TPE glue, then use TPE “glue”, apply

Life Like Silicone Sex Dolls: How to make the experience?

So you went out and invested in a  luxury silicone sex doll ? Great choice! You're off to a strong start, and you've already completed the first step in this guide. Once you have your doll though, what can be done to make your experience as realistic and life like as possible? Well, here's how it's done: Clothing and Lingerie This might be obvious but if you want to have the most realistic experience with your doll then you should buy some outfits and lingerie for her.  Dressing and undressing your doll will help to build intimacy, and make your doll appear more like a real girl.  Also, through buying a variety of outfits you can play our a multitude of fantasies with your doll, for example, many of our customers like to dress their dolls in school girl outfits.   Makeup and Hair This one requires a bit more work than putting a sexy outfit on your doll, but it can make all the difference.  Real girls spend hours on their hair and makeup, you don't have t

How to repair a silicone sex doll skin and maintain sex doll life

How to repair the sex doll ? If the sex doll skin tear or broken, We have the repair kits for free, but sorry for that there is no any shipping company can take liquid from China. here is a link :,-Silicone-an/c11_1189/index.html Customers have found "Permatex flowable silicone windshield sealer" also to be good: you also may find more similar glue in your local store or online shop. or if only a small rupture ,you can repair  it by yourself .It's very easy , now I’ll tell you how to repair it . 1 step; First prepare silicone adhesive, mending tools 2 step; Clean the damaged surface, avoid leaving stains so it will not  affect the appearance. 3 step; Then coated with a layer of glue evenly on both interface surfaces. 4 step ; Finally coated with a thin layer of glue on the surface 5 step; After about half an hour the glue will be  d