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A Special Love Sex Doll Exhibition Under The Photographer’s Lens

American exhibition curator Melissa Harris displayed the works of photographers Elena Dorfman and Jamie Diamond at the Prada Foundation in Milan, which caused a sensation. Dolls are one of the oldest toys known and have been attracting human imagination for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, there are records of puppets as early as the 21st century BC, while in Greece, mud puppets can be traced back to at least 200 BC. Of course, dolls are not only children’s toys, but also items with spiritual, family, and supernatural values. This is a fuzzy difference between then and now. These fuzzy distinctions are explored in an exhibition with “Alternatives for Love” as one of the central themes. At the Prada Foundation in Milan, the exhibition featured 42 works by contemporary American photographers Jamie Diamond and Elena Dorfman, documenting many personal lives-from laywomen artists to  sex dolls Lovers , and their emotional investment in sex dolls. But photographers using dolls as props

Is It Worth Ordering The Standing Feet Option For Sex Dolls?

Standing is an optional feature of sex dolls, and it is also the most popular type of sex doll. The manufacturer will install three very small metal bolts on the bottom of the doll standing. It sounds like it destroys the body of the  real doll  and is a bit ugly, but considering the “dynamic” beauty of the doll standing, it’s not a big deal. Players can make the sex doll stand for a short period of time to shoot, hug or store it. However, if you are not careful, it is still quite dangerous, because the weight of the sex doll is normally about 30kg, and you can’t expect three bolts to support it. So even when you are standing, you must be very mindful, unless you have extra support to rely on. Here are some scenes suitable for a sex doll to stand up: When you need a sex doll to be a model and take pictures; When the doll needs to be stored upright; When it is necessary to clean the whole body of the doll; When the sex doll needs to be moved; When you need to wear shoes for sex dolls. S

What To Pay Attention To When Moving With A Sex Doll

Sex dolls are important partners and will stay with you for a long time. But sometimes the life span of a doll is too long and it may be a big problem. Moving house can be said to be one of the main problems. When moving, the size and weight of the  love doll  will cause greater trouble, and if the packaging is not correct, it may cause deformation or damage, so be careful. This time, the editor will explain to you the precautions for moving with a sex doll. Must be packaged When transporting a sex doll, it is best to wrap the doll tightly with a blanket to avoid scratches. The skin of a sex doll is not very fragile and will not tear due to slight bumps, but if it is not handled properly, it will be scratched, just like human skin is rubbed and scratched. Unlike people, the skin of sex dolls will not heal over time, so try to avoid scratches. Keep the shipping box The best way to pack is to use the carton and packaging materials that came with the purchase of the doll. Because sex doll

Japanese Universities Use Realistic Sex Dolls For Medical Teaching

  When it comes to sex dolls, the appearance of “human sex dolls” must come to mind. Apart from a large number of single masturbation enthusiasts, I believe that the world’s most in need of “human sex dolls” are nothing but university medical students. In medical teaching, they are indispensable hand training tools. So they are generally simpler. There is something like this:   Such:   There is such a thing: ESDoll editor thinks normal people will not have any bold ideas when they see these dolls, Because they are just modules shaped like human beings. But it’s different in Japan. In order to make medical students face medical surgery more realistically and face patients, they made this medical teaching tool similar to sex dolls, or even more real. Many students said that they are facing it. Few people can be calm and composed. This sex doll is a dental medical robot named Hanako developed by Showa University in Tokyo, Japan, which is specially used for dental students. In order to mak

Which Is Better Between Hair Transplant Sex Dolls And Wig Dolls?

  When you are about to buy a sex doll in the store, the customer service will say that this is a sex doll with hair transplantation. The price is more expensive, but it is very beautiful; it is a hair-set sex doll, which is also very beautiful, and the price is very affordable. Hearing this, you may be confused, what? Are there Implant Hair sex dolls and hair-set sex dolls? What is the difference between them? Which one is better? With the development of the sex doll industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for  realistic sex dolls . Customers demand that the sex doll is infinitely close to real people, the more real the better, and the more realistic the experience, the better. Therefore, in recent years, many sex doll manufacturers have begun to turn to silicone head sculpting. The number of silicone manufacturers has changed from a few to dozens. There are more and more details, real hair planting, more real blood vessels, skin texture, etc. What is an Implant Hair s

Sex Dolls Change The Relationship Between Marriage And Childbearing In Japanese Society

  Japan is a very contradictory country. You can see that many Japanese people are very conservative, many people abide by traditional moral codes, and the relationship between men and women is relatively traditional. But on the one hand, they are very open. Japan is a big pornographic country, and the adult products industry is particularly developed. In Japan, you can see many pornographic places everywhere. Many Japanese people return to sex shops to  buy adult products , which has also promoted the development of the adult products industry. Resist marriage The Japanese society is under great pressure, most of them are very busy at work. They have to deal with various work affairs and even entertain customers during holidays. This makes many people exhausted. When people feel tired, they don’t have the energy to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, because this seems to be a very exhausting thing. The development of the sex doll industry has enabled more and more peo

How Should Sex Dolls Be Collected And Stored?

  ESDOLL   editors have found a headache for many people, that is, how to place the sex doll after buying her or storing her on a daily basis? I believe that this problem will be solved after sex doll lovers read the following guide. Let the sex doll lie flat There is also a trick to lay a sex doll on its back, that is, you can’t lie on a hard surface. Whether it’s on the bed, in the storage box, or even on the floor, you must lay a layer of cushions for the sex doll underneath, which can be a quilt or a pillow. Any soft cloth can be used! Without this layer of protection, the back part of the sex doll may collapse forever. Especially for lovers of sex dolls who  buy sex dolls  made of TPE material, it is very difficult to recover after the TPE material is sunken. It is recommended that  sex doll lovers  who lie flat can buy products made of memory foam as cushions, which are sold in major shopping malls or bedding stores. If you feel that this is not necessary, there is another strate

A Guide To Learn Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls

  Question 1: Will the wig dye the head of a sex doll? Answer:  It is possible. When sex dolls are shipped, manufacturers will deliver wigs, which are generally tested by manufacturers and will not be dyed. It is recommended that you can  buy sex dolls  at a shop or a more well-known wig shop. It is guaranteed. Pay attention to inferior wigs that are too cheap. Question 2: How often do sex dolls have fans? Answer:  There are two situations. One is not using it for a long time and putting it in the storage box. It is recommended to use powder once a month; the other is that it is used, and it needs to be powdered every time. If the oil is too much, it will cause some sex dolls. The small seams are glued together and damage the sex doll. Question 3: How to wash the hair of a sex doll? Dry or blow dry after washing? Answer:  Put the head in the water for the hair transplant sex doll, and remove the haircut directly. Soak it in the water with shampoo and rub it hard, rub it left and right,