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Tips To Choose A Sex Doll Based On Its Height And Weight?

In today’s era, a large number of men are found crazy about sex dolls. While going to choose the best suitable rental sex doll service, a handful of things are to be considered like its height and weight. The taller a sex doll, the heavier it will be irrespective of the height and there will always be pros and cons to everything. Mini-sex dolls When it comes to mini-sex dolls, they range in weight from 5 kg or less (11 lbs) and sizes from 65 cm (2 ft 1.6 inches) to 80 cm (2 ft 7.5 inches) and smaller sizes make them light and easy to conceal. The unrealistic measurements may not be the same as a real woman but for some people, this is a turn on. Usually, these dolls offer vaginal sex but their cuteness makes them easy to ignore some of its cons.  Well, finding clothing for them can be hectic job but most of them choose to rent them rather than to buy the same. These dolls also make a great small masturbation toy and facilitate great companionship. XL mini-sex dolls