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Where is the production place of sex dolls?

Nowadays, the market for sex dolls is growing, and there are many people who are willing to accept sex dolls. Nowadays, there are more and more brands of sex dolls, but do you know where their production teams are? Read this article to find out where sex dolls are made. China is a factory in the world and there are many products that are produced in China. Sex dolls are no exception. The world-famous brand RealDoll is produced in the US, not in China, because RealDoll's products are very expensive, which explains why they can set up factories in the United States. You know, the labor costs in the United States are very high. There are also many well-known sex doll manufacturers in China, such as WMDoll, JYDoll, ESDoll, EXDoll, ZLDoll and so on. Sex doll manufacturers are generally located in Guangdong Province because Guangdong Province has a superior geographical location and is convenient for export trade. Ten years ago or even longer, many Americans thought that Chines