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Looking Back On The 50-Year History Of The Development Of Sex Dolls

The times have been advancing. Let’s think about it 50 years ago, we couldn’t even imagine mobile electronic devices! There are so many things that can happen in 50 years, including the amazing changes in sex dolls. ESDOLL editors use this article to let us understand the evolution of sex dolls in the past 50 years! At that time, sex dolls mainly targeted the disabled and the elderly living alone. These people lack a partner, even if they spend money, they can’t buy a lover, or they are considered by ordinary people to have a physical defect and have any pursuit, so they have to switch to  popular sex dolls . Japanese smile doll However, the design of the dolls at that time was quite poor. In addition to being too bulky and difficult to handle, because the inflatable product fell over when touched, it was impossible to stand. At that time, the doll manufacturer felt this. Although this 1977 smile doll looked ugly with modern eyes, it improved all the above shortcomings. At that time, t

Sex Dolls Produced By ESDOLL Treats As Newborn Child

  Workers in the sex doll factory said that the “birth” of each sex doll is an exciting time for employees. The sex doll company ESDOLL sex technology displayed the internal working photos of its own sex doll factory on the social platform, and the photos showed the employees watching around a  plump sex doll  mold. It is reported that from some forums in China, ESDOLL’s social accounts have nearly 20,000 fans, from the molds and finished dolls that have just been developed to the artists painting on the workbench, to the information in various industries, ESDOLL has released various All kinds of information so that any sex doll lovers can see every exciting moment about sex dolls. The company wrote in its latest article: “It’s rare to feel as good as buying a sex doll and giving birth to a newborn!” In another post, the company wrote: “A knowing smile and The longing eyes seem to tell us with certainty that these dolls contain emotion.” There are many fans of sex dolls on the Internet

ESDoll Gives You Advice On Disposal Of Abandoned Sex Dolls

In the United States, there are about 200 merchants selling sex dolls, and it is conservatively estimated that about 5 million dolls are sold a year. Obviously, the sales of sex dolls in the United States is a hot market. According to ESDOLL editors, the sales in the United States only account for 1/5 of the sales in China. In recent years, China’s technology in the sex doll industry has developed rapidly. It has gradually caught up with Japan and has a vague trend of surpassing it. In addition, the price is relatively cheap, and it can even be purchased for several hundred dollars. It has become the world’s largest sex doll production and sales market. In the Guangdong region alone, there are more than 20 brand doll manufacturers in Huizhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan, and other places, and one manufacturer has at least 2,000 dolls a month. In 2010, when ESDOLL editors first entered the profession, they were warned of affecting their morals because they had written analysis, sharing, and rec

The Sex Doll Will Become A Perfect Lover With New Technology

An intelligent sex doll researcher said that artificial intelligence must be improved to fully satisfy consumers seeking love. Dr. David Levy is an advocate of the “ Love and Sex with Smart Sex Dolls ” conference. He outlined how artificial dolls will develop into loving relationships with humans. Dr. Levy said that before artificial intelligence technology was invented to allow  realistic life size sex dolls  to listen and speak like humans, buyers could only play with them, and could not fall in love with them “very practical”. But the author and researcher assure lonely people who want to have a significant other in their lives that once investment flows in, what currently sounds like science fiction will become a reality. He believes that some of the most difficult problems with artificial intelligence are a large amount of research and development applied to them, which also requires funding. He has always felt that one of the most difficult problems with artificial intelligence i

How The Law Will Regulate The Legality Of Sex Dolls In The Future

With the advancement of science and technology, people have designed surreal sex dolls that can be connected to Bluetooth, WiFi, and programmable. These sex dolls can imitate human responses, but these developments have an impact on how we manage our interaction with “artificial humans” in the future. What does it mean? An Australian legal researcher, Marty, published a new article in the Bulletin, analyzing the factors that the government must consider when weighing whether it is legal to import, own, and use  human-like sex dolls . Critics believe that sex dolls will personify, make people less sensitive to the way they treat creatures, thereby increasing the risk of violence. Some  premium sex dolls  can even reject user requests through programming, simulating the behavior of rejection and consent. In Australia, personal thinking will is a key factor in proving a crime. On the other hand, supporters claim that the  benefits of sex dolls  include enhancing the living abilities of th

Will Smart Sex Dolls Reduce Human Communication?

Since artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, there may have been a lot of public discussions about artificial intelligence applications, but the only thing that has not been discussed is sex. Although this is a difficult topic to discuss, anyone who has watched “She” will be impressed, that is, the protagonist’s voice obsessed with AI. Director Spike Jones wants to tell us that AI may be the ultimate medicine to eliminate human loneliness. The previous technology cannot reach this level, but sex doll manufacturers are trying to solve this problem. With long flowing hair, nice face, and a slender figure, it is an AI sex doll on the market now. From the outside, it is not very different from the sex doll. But its head, eyelids, and lips can be moved. More importantly, it can move, talk, and even has its own “temper.” The AI ​​sex doll is not just a doll, it is also part of a new robotic revolution that integrates AI into the “humanoid” body. The famous “harmony” is the combinati

American Married Woman And Three Sex Dolls Live Together To Form A Multi-Family

In April of this year, there was a report that a married woman in the United States ordered three male sex dolls online to form a “family”. Now she has bought two baby silicone baby dolls, perfecting her Diverse family. This married lady is Alex from the United States, and she lives with male sex dolls Larry, Lance, and Langdon and her real husband. Since 2016, she has shared her daily life on the foreign social media Instagram and has attracted thousands of fans as a result. During this period, she also bought two baby dolls named Victor and Victoria and shared hundreds of photos of these dolls wearing exotic clothes, playing various roles, and traveling. For this kind of life, Alex said earlier that when she started to step into the  circle of sex dolls , her husband felt very “uncomfortable.” However, in the days that followed, her husband saw the positive changes in her life, and also knew that as the doll joined the family, his wife became more relaxed and happy, and began to acce

Japanese Collectors Create Memories With The Sex Doll “Girlfriend”

  Sex dolls in Japan are deeply loved by people. In 2018, much online variety shows introduced the development of sex dolls in-depth, including sex doll photo albums, sex doll custom shops with Japanese characteristics, and visual sex. Dolls are more important collectors than wives! If you travel to Japan, you don’t need to be too surprised to see someone out shopping with a sex doll. AbemaTV, a popular Japanese online variety show platform, once launched a low-cost late-night series “Give Details”, and has produced a sex doll special for a period of time. Many people think that sex dolls are simply male toys, but sex dolls have been Gradually standing on the stage of society, with the status of a model, an idol, and even many female lovers! It is mentioned in the video that many collectors want to pursue beauty beyond reality on sex dolls! This includes Mr. Chizi Nakajima who is over sixty years old, the collector in the  Japanese sex doll circle  must mention! Since Mr. Nakajima boug

The Artist Is A Gay Buy Sex Doll As An Artistic Partner

Last month, the “special” sex doll from Realdoll, a well-known American sex doll company, was unveiled in a groundbreaking art exhibition. British Glasgow artist Rao Chaoying (sound, social account: @Femme Castratrice) bought a sex doll named Sky from RealDoll in June this year. Currently, the pair of “art partners” live in the art center in Abros, Scotland, and are artists in residence at the center. Chaoying posted on the American media Instagram: “The love doll is 5 feet 1 inch (about 159cm) tall and weighs 32 kg. It is completely immobile from head to toe.” She said: “My good friend Polly is a costume designer from Real Doll, who specializes in making  clothes for sex dolls . After she could no longer take in this sex doll, I bought Sky.” Polly knows that the last thing Chaoying wants is to make friends with men. She is gay. For Chaoying’s hobbies, Polly also decided to meet her gender needs and sold the  female sex doll  to Chaoying. After a series of long journeys, Chaoying came

10 Tips That Take Care Of Sex Doll Cleaning & Maintenance

Everyone knows that buying a sex doll requires some budget and is not a cheap commodity. After customers buy a sex doll, they need to spend time on long-term maintenance to increase their service life. Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is the key to maintaining a lifelike sex doll. To ensure the cleanliness and long life of your new love doll, the ESDOLL editor has compiled the following suggestions as a guide. 1. The skin of the  lifelike sex doll  is designed to be very delicate and shiny, so do not let it near the fire or contact with sharp objects, so as not to cause scratches and affect the appearance, and the melting point of TPE is low, which may melt and deform. 2. Do not contact with dark and easily dyed items such as ink to avoid staining. Colorful clothes are also included. Try to use white for all items. 3. Although the  full size sex doll  can change any shape when swinging the shape, the degree of bending cannot exceed the angle of the human body, and the fo