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Is The Sex Doll A Sexual Partner Or A Real Family Member?

  Most people’s impression of realistic sex doll owners is that of otaku, bachelor, withdrawn… They usually do not have contact with the opposite sex, and most of them are late marriages. However, in fact, related reports show that married customers account for 30%-40% of sex doll buyers. Some couples who are unable to have children or choose DINK on their own will buy a sex doll as a child; widowed elderly people seek spiritual sustenance through sex dolls. The main reason for these things is that apart from sex dolls, it is difficult to find more realistic humanoid models. Do you treat sex dolls as a family? LifeLike Sex dolls are a kind of substitution and satisfaction to real life, but they are very similar to love psychology, but they are more inclined to possess and control a person. Some people may be frustrated in real life, it is difficult to establish a better real relationship, or some psychological needs in reality cannot be met, so this part of the fantasy can be met in th