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About My thoughts and feelings towards nudity during sex

The general theme of nudity is something that I get quite a few emails about by women on this site, and so I feel the need to talk about it in further detail here. While plenty of women love sex, not all of them love having it in full nudity. Some of these women are self-conscious or have other reasons for doing so, but many also just don’t realize how great being fully naked for sex can truly be. So today I’m here to discuss everything about having sex in full nudity! To start off, I find my removing clothing and exposing your body in all its glory is the only way to truly appreciate the sex that is to come. For example, I can get extremely turned on just by seeing a handsome, fit man in a tight shirt with his muscles bulging out underneath, and his ass clearly defined through his tight jeans. But unless they are fully naked, I won’t be as turned on actually having sex with them. And the same goes with women – they can expose their cleavage and where a tight mini skirt, but