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Doll Company Announced That It Will Make Sex Dolls For Her Fans

Porn star Korina Kova wants to be a sex robot because the company presents her "realistic" replica in the form of a doll. Korina told Daily Star Online that she wanted to go one step after being made a copy of   Flat Chest sex doll  . The replica will have the exact size of Kova, with a height of 5 feet 3 meters, and the curved curve is consistent with Korina's contour. Surreal dolls will even have fully articulated bones. Kova said: "I want to introduce my first anatomically correct Japanese sex doll, which is really surprising and unreal, but it is a fact. The adult actress will present an anatomically correct, surreal version of the sex doll , so the porn star Korina Kova's FANS will soon be able to "sleep every night." Sex doll manufacturers are turning the porn star Korina Kova into a "lifelike" and "anatomically correct" replica. TPE Sex Dolls announced that it will make a $3,500 small star replica for her fans. The p