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Do Humans Fantasize About Falling In Love With Sex Dolls?

  Researchers at a domestic university conducted a survey of college students to see if they would fall in love with sex dolls. More than two-thirds of men agree with this view, while the proportion of women who oppose this view is almost the same. The first reaction is to attribute this difference to gender. Who would disagree with the statement that as long as the basic desires of mankind are satisfied, mankind will not be interested in anything? When interpersonal relationships are in chaos, and psychological and physical transmission of diseases becomes a real threat, sex dolls may be the best choice to get rid of this relationship. Even realizing the inclination of this view, the ESDOLL editor thought that a film “Air Puppet” with alternative consciousness as the theme also supports this view. This work directed by Japanese anime master Hirokazu Kee tells the story of an  anime sex doll  named “Xiao Wang” who wakes up when his owner Hideo goes to work. When they were together, Xiu

Netizens Statement: A Sex Doll Changed My Life

  A sex doll changed life?   Still, hesitating to buy a sex doll?   But do you know what sex dolls can bring you?   How can a sex doll change your life? As a sex doll expert, I have met many sex doll lovers and have established a close relationship with them. We are like friends, and at the same time, I have heard many stories about owning sex dolls. The story of a sex doll that changed life: The story of a sex doll lover (1)-Mr. John He is a senior network engineer and also an online game player. As many people think, he is a very introverted person who doesn’t like parties or places with many people. Some people may call this kind of person a loser, but in fact, in the world of most of his office workers, he is not a loser. He is able to achieve good results in the company and handle the development of many new IT products. However, due to his character, the steady and silent he does not like to go out to play. He likes no one to disturb him. The quiet environment makes him prefer to

“Baby Romance”: Human Emotions In The Eyes Of Sex Dolls

  Sex dolls have appeared in TV shows and movies in the past. Sometimes these depictions are creative, sensitive, and even a little interesting. “Inflatable Doll Love” starring Ryan Gosling is an example. Now, someone has decided to center the entire sitcom around a sex doll. The show is “Baby Love”, starring Anna Kendrick (who starred in “Perfect Pitch”, “Twilight” and “My Zombie Girlfriend”) and Donal Roger (who starred in ” Gotham, “Son of Chaos”, “Patriot”). Plot summary In this series, Cody (Anna) discovers that her boyfriend Dan (Rogue) has a sex doll. It is foreseeable that when you know that the person closest to you owns “this kind of thing”, that kind of angry and strange look. However, it didn’t take long before she developed a good impression of the doll and formed a very strange friendship. The biggest reason for this is that this  sex doll  will talk to her! This is a series of short dramas with multiple episodes and is broadcast on Quibi, the shortest-lived streaming pla

3 Health Benefits Of Owning A Sex Doll For Men

The current development trend of sex dolls is focused on achieving the greatest possible realism, which is an extremely happy thing for consumers of these products. Over the years, the perception that sex dolls are just as pleasant objects has changed.  sex dolls for men  will consider other added values, mainly because these dolls have become more and more real, and many men can feel that they are more and more real. Various emotional changes. A story that happened in our country corroborated this view. A 70-year-old man was found to have a sex doll. After his wife died, he needed emotional support. The similarity in appearance between the doll and his dead wife made him take care of it like his wife. Their previous marriage had no children or any immediate family members, so when his wife left, the feeling of loneliness surrounded him, and even led to depression at one time. When the love doll entered his life, his life is changed. He pays attention to personal hygiene every day, pre

The Court Sparked A Debate About The Morality Of Sex Dolls

Recently, the South Korean court made a ruling in favor of importing  human full-body life-size sex dolls , which once again triggered heated debates about its possible social impact. Importers and supporters believe that sex dolls should be treated like other realistic sex toys on the shelf, while opponents believe that these  adult female dolls  objectify women. Earlier, the Seoul Administrative Court overturned a decision made by the Gimpo International Airport Customs in January 2020 to prohibit the import of  real life sex doll  products. The customs stated that these dolls would harm public morals, but the court stated that these sex toys are for personal use, it is beneficial with  sex dolls for sex offenders  and will not corrupt morals. In June 2020, controversy over sex dolls broke out in South Korea, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of another sex doll importer who sued the government customs agency to prevent its import. The Supreme Court stated that the government sho

How Sex Dolls Affect The Fashion And Photography Modeling Industry

  With the surge in unusual demand for realistic human sex doll manufacturers,   sex dolls may become the future of the fashion industry . Sex dolls appear in unexpected industries Due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the fashion and photography industries have brought new changes in the past year. The world’s leading sex doll company reported that the demand for realistic models in the creative industry has soared. According to an internal report by ESDOLL  adult toys  Technology, a domestic brand company specializing in the design and manufacture of sex dolls, since March last year, in addition to orders from the adult products-related industries, orders from the fashion and photography model industries have increased by about 400%. Sex doll industry In 2020, under the government’s implementation of relevant measures such as epidemic isolation, the number of sex doll orders from companies of the same category soared. From February to March, the number of orders fr

Can Humans Have Emotions With Sex Dolls?

Human compassion, objects as creatures A study published in 2015 by a research team of Toyohashi University of Technology and Science in Japan in the “Science Report” provided the first neurophysiological evidence for human emotions on sex dolls. At that time, the researchers asked the test subjects to watch pictures of cuts on the fingers of humans and sex dolls. The results showed that the testers had similar compassion for both humans and sex dolls. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States has also conducted similar experiments. The person under test interacted with a small mechanical dinosaur named Pleo, and then asked them to destroy it, but everyone refused. People subconsciously tend to treat them as creatures, although on a rational level we fully understand that they are not real creatures. Tend to personify objects These seemingly improbable feelings occur because humans are naturally inclined to personify everything, whether it is ordinary animals and p

Who Made Sex Doll And Know Sex Dolls History

  Anthony Ferguson wrote a strange story in 2010. The title of this story is “A Glimpse of the History of Sex Dolls”. The book tells the story of Francine, which is creepy even though the story is fabricated. The French philosopher is experimenting with making different humanoid non-creatures. He does have a daughter named Francine. However, nine years before the start of his trip to Sweden, she had passed away at the age of five. Moreover, no one really knows what Descartes intends to do with the doll, but the sailors who throw it into the sea know at least one possibility. The 17th century was a great time to explore the world. At that time, ships across the ocean made a very long and unknown journey, and sailors began to carry some special dolls on their voyages. The prototype of these sex dolls is called “Mrs. Nautical.” They look like a person and are made of fabric attached to bamboo poles. These dolls even wear skirts, which makes them more accessible to those who are looking fo

Sex Dolls Are Helping Us To Improve Lives And Benefiting

  In the beginning, when people mentioned them, the first matter that people thought of was not companionship, because these lifelike sex dolls were initially associated with human desires. However, the brands of physical sex dolls do not simply provide dolls to the public. On the contrary, they made dolls, as a kind of need that can provide emotional bondage, human-size sex dolls are also a good way to solve loneliness. Sex dolls entered the market for the first time around 2010. At that time, they were nothing more than inflatable plastic dolls with human shapes. But now, due to the continuous advancement of technology, these dolls have become surreal. They can respond to touch, the texture is very skin-like, they have the function of “speaking”, they have a temperature, and they have sensors that can imitate human movements. As mentioned earlier,  realistic human sex dolls  are becoming more and more popular. In fact, a 2017 survey in the United States showed that nearly half of Ame